Where does Desmond Ridder rank among NFC South quarterbacks?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Bryce Young

2023 Stats: 2,182-Passing Yards, 9-Touchdowns, 9-Interceptions, 201-Rushing Yards

Yes, Derek Carr has slightly better numbers than Bryce Young. However, this isn't about numbers alone but considering ceiling, situation, contract, and what you have around you. Bryce has been running for his life since week one and looks shell-shocked and unable to catch up to the speed of this game.

A large part of this is simply due to the lack of targets the team has given Bryce. This offense is Adam Thielen or bust and that is only if Young can buy enough time to read the field. Bryce is extremely talented and has been very professional in an absolutely terrible situation.

As bad as things might be in Carolina Bryce Young could very well be the only starting quarterback to keep his job in this division. While New Orleans is stuck with Carr this doesn't mean they will continue to start the veteran. Young has the most promise and the highest ceiling of anyone currently starting in this division. Panthers fans shouldn't give up hope just yet get Young the right coach and some capable receivers and the player we watched with the Tide will re-appear.