Where does Desmond Ridder rank among NFC South quarterbacks?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Baker Mayfield

2023 Stats: 2,934-Passing Yards, 20-Passing Touchdowns, 8-Interceptions, 154-Rushing Yards, 1-Rushing Touchdown

The numbers speak for themself here as to why Baker is in first place among NFC South quarterbacks. There is no reasonable argument to be made that anyone other than Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback in this division. The same quarterback who was competing with Kyle Trask to take over for Tom Brady is in first place and by far has the best numbers.

Yes, having Chris Godwin and Mike Evans helps but consider the lack of run game and the injury struggles. Tampa has found a way to hang in the division race despite losing a number of key players and one of the greatest leaders in the history of the league in Tom Brady.

This team is still frustrating, and Baker is far from perfect, but he has earned respect for what he has accomplished this season. Mayfield is a starter in this league and has proven himself capable of elevating losing organizations. He may not be in the top ten conversation but Mayfield is a capable starter which in this division is more than enough to consider him the best starter in the South.