Where should Kirk Cousins rank among NFC South quarterbacks?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Bryce Young

It is so difficult to evaluate Bryce Young when you look at the complete mess he was dropped into. Steve Wilks had this team competing for a playoff spot with Sam Darnold under center and a lack of a cohesive offensive attack. One year later the team moves on from Wilks to hire Frank Reich.

The team turns around and trades a king's ransom for Bryce Young including star receiver D.J. Moore. All of this to take a huge step back and fire your coach yet again. Now the team is dealing with a bad offensive line, losing Brian Burns, and a lack of backs and receivers they can rely on. Young is in a complete mess and his development and ceiling are going to be far lower because of it.

Young is already limited in how he can play in this league due to his size and build. Having to run for his life each week while having no one who can find separation makes things all that much harder.

Bryce Young is a cautionary tale on why going all in at the quarterback position can make things worse without solid ownership and a capable coach.