Where should Kirk Cousins rank among NFC South quarterbacks?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Derek Carr

Derek Carr had some great moments with the Saints late in the year as the team surged to within reach of the division. However, this was after the quarterback looked completely lost in the pocket and always seemed to have drama or issues going on. Carr is just a step above a backup quarterback and is only in New Orleans this year due to the contract he signed a year ago.

If you asked the Saints if they had buyer's remorse the answer would be a resounding yes. Derek Carr isn't going to be taking this team anywhere. Yes, they will have big games and show flashes but they are an old roster that should have rebuilt after losing Drew Brees.

The team has Taysom Hill still under contract as well and there is an argument the team would be better off with the utility player starting at quarterback. At least they would get a draft pick that would give them a chance to find a franchise quarterback.

Regardless, Derek Carr isn't the savior that this team needed to pull them out of a cap mess. The 2024 season is going to follow much the same script some great moments for a team that is lost.