Where should Kirk Cousins rank among NFC South quarterbacks?

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1. Kirk Cousins

It is funny how quarterback wins are only a stat when they work for a narrative. While they can be a defining trait as they are for Patrick Mahomes or were for Tom Brady they aren't fair without context. What team has Kirk Cousins been on that should have been a great playoff team?

Yes, in big moments Cousins hasn't lived up to expectations always but let's stop acting as if Cousins played with elite coaches and rosters that were Super Bowl contenders. The Washington and Minnesota years are all defined by a clear ceiling.

Kirk has consistently been a top 10-15 passer in his career and gives his team a chance to win. He is far from a perfect player but you don't have to be great to easily be the best quarterback in this league. Kirk and Zac Robinson are a great fit and will both benefit from joining forces.

Cousins in the regular season has played at a borderline MVP level when healthy each of the past two seasons. The numbers he has put up if continued will make him far and away the best quarterback in this division.