Where will Michael Penix Jr. rank among rookie starters at seasons end?

Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Looking at this year's 1st round rookie quarterback class it is interesting to consider where Penix might fall by season's end. Out of the six quarterbacks selected let's look at where Penix will fall and where each player's season will end. Starting with the first overall pick who is already feeling the pressure.

1. Caleb Williams

The Chicago Bears are going to feel great about their choices by the end of the season. Caleb Williams' floor is a solid franchise quarterback that is going to have you in playoff contention. That is the floor for the best player in this draft class.

The attention and criticism that Williams garners speak to this. The Bears are going to end the season with complete belief they are going to be a consistent playoff threat for the next decade.

2. Drake Maye

Drake Maye is leapfrogging Daniels here based on the degree of difficulty and being the most pro-ready. While this might change long term Maye's path and expectations sets the quarterback up with the smallest amount of pressure.

Maye isn't even expected to win the starting job right away by portions of the fanbase and sports media. Add in the fact that the Patriots are universally considered to be a basement team and what can Maye do but defy expectations? This isn't to say that the Patriots are going to contend or be in the conversation. Rather Maye is going to benefit from the quiet and put together a solid rookie season.

3. Jayden Daniels

Jayden Daniels has the talent to sit atop this list and be the most exciting player of his class. However, having watched a lot of Daniels in college there is going to be an adjustment period for the young quarterback.

These hits and risky throws Daniels got away with in college aren't going to translate. Washington is going to have to protect the rookie from himself at times and develop more control in his game. Daniels has the chance to be a great player long term but expect plenty of ups and downs in year one.

4. J.J. McCarthy

J.J. benefits from dealing with terribly low expectations in Minnesota. All of the attention is on the other three teams in the division. Sam Darnold is going to compete to be the starter with the rookie being given plenty of patience and time to adjust to the next level.

Of the rookie quarterbacks selected after the first three, McCarthy is by far in the best situation. He isn't going to be forced into the lineup but if he proves ready, he has elite weapons. With a strong offensive system and low expectations, it wouldn't be shocking to see J.J. have a solid second half of the season after Darnold has been benched.

5. Michael Penix Jr.

Sometimes the promise of potential is better than a known ceiling and that is the case here. Penix ranks 5th based simply on the fact he is very unlikely to see the field. Cousins has three years remaining on his deal and hasn't shown signs of aging.

Penix is a bench piece who Atlanta fully believes in but hasn't set up to put into the lineup for the next two years. The move remains the biggest oddity of the offseason.

6. Bo Nix

Welcome to the NFL Bo Nix, you join a division with three teams more talented than yours. Three quarterbacks all who have shown more promise and in a far more talented conference. This has all the makings of getting ugly very fast for Nix and Sean Payton.

Something Atlanta fans would find joy in considering Payton's history. Bo Nix is set up for failure from the jump and it is going to be quickly apparent he isn't an NFL quarterback.