Why are Atlanta Falcons fans afraid of signing Bill Belichick?

New England Patriots Press Conference
New England Patriots Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The way the Atlanta Falcons have handled their coaching search thus far lends itself to the idea that Arthur Blank's most likely target is Bill Belichick. The former Patriots head coach is out of New England and clearly, the Falcons are desperate for anything close to a proven winner with almost a decade of consistent losing.

Yes, you have the 2016 and 2017 seasons, however, at this juncture, it is safe to consider them outliers. Blank wants to make flashy moves and bring in someone he believes can change the culture. Bill Belichick is a great head coach and one of the greatest defensive minds the league has ever seen.

Many forget what he accomplished even in Tom's later season. When the Patriots offense was struggling who helped mastermind keeping the Rams out of the endzone for the Super Bowl? What about shutting down one of the greatest offenses in NFL history to allow that infamous comeback?

The point here is that Bill has a long history of impressive accomplishments and deserves immense respect for that. With this in mind, it isn't out of bounds to point out that those are all now in the rearview. It isn't any more out of bounds than saying you don't want Brady, Peyton Manning, or Ben Roethlisberger to be your next quarterback.

Yes, all of them are very accomplished and a piece of NFL history. But if we had four seasons telling us their best years were behind them is anyone pounding the table for one of the best quarterbacks in history?

Bill has had four seasons in the league since Brady left the Patriots and they have all been defined by bad offense. The defensive coaching is still there but they can't get the quarterback position right and the offense turns the ball over consistently in the biggest moments. Does this sound at all familiar to Falcons fans?

These are the reasons that Falcons fans are seemingly so negative and apprehensive about one of the league's greatest coaches. Set aside the Super Bowl references and issues that Bill coming to Atlanta brings up. That is nothing but a footnote when it comes to the issue of bringing Bill to Atlanta.

Atlanta is a quarterback and a strong offensive coordinator away from being a real playoff contender. Falcons fans may feel that if the team hires Bill not only do they have major quarterback concerns but will the offense suffer the same fate as New England?

Even if you can look past the issues on offense and at the quarterback position you have roster management and drafting.

Terry Fontenot deserves the chance to do his job and unless Bill is willing to simply coach this marriage wouldn't work. Bill has had full control of the Patriots roster and the results are telling. The draft and free agency misses have piled up. Clearly, this will happen in Atlanta as well unless Terry is allowed to do his job.

Atlanta fans concern cannot simply be shrugged off as being bitter about the Super Bowl or uninterested in a historic coach. The concerns are obvious when you pay attention and consider the veteran's career.

Bill hasn't been able to win consistently in nearly half a decade and has made poor roster decisions. If Atlanta hires Bill without a strong quarterback, or offensive coordinator, and lets Terry Fontenot continue to do his job it is a failure before it begins.

Perhaps there is a scenario where Bill in Atlanta works, however, that scenario requires Atlanta's ownership to treat Fontenot fairly and keep Bill far away from the all-important quarterback decision.