Why current market shouldn't worry Atlanta Falcons rookie Bijan Robinson

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The Atlanta Falcons are a team that is built around Arthur Smith's run game. The Falcons already had two players with an argument to be the starter in Tyler Allgeier and Patterson. However, there is no question that first-round pick Bijan Robinson has a higher ceiling as a running back than either player.

Patterson is on a team-friendly veteran deal while Allgeier will be in the second year of his rookie contract and Bijan Robinson is obviously in his first. While we are very far off from Atlanta considering paying either player the current debate at the position is worth noting.

The NFL as a whole is making it clear that they are no longer paying typical running backs top dollar. Even players like Saquon Barkley that have carried their teams when healthy are being franchise tagged to avoid being given a long-term deal.

Part of this is due to aging concerns and a recent history of giving out poor contracts at the position. However, there have been clear exceptions to this with Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey being at the top of this year's highest salaries at the position.

While the market will almost assuredly change in the next two seasons this is good for Bijan Robinson who is one of the few running backs that will get paid if healthy. Bijan like McCaffrey and Kamara is a great running back but also an elite receiver out of the backfield.

While the prototypical running backs are being devalued, backs that can play both positions at a high level are still being paid and retained deep into their careers. This bodes well for Robinson while being a clear concern for Allgeier who is an old style runner and not a real threat out of the backfield.

For Atlanta's starter, however, if the market remains the same Robinson will still get paid if he plays close to the expected level on his rookie deal.