Why Kirk Cousins' contract will be a win for Atlanta

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Looking at Kirk Cousins' contract with the Atlanta Falcons there is going to be a level of sticker shock that is understandable. However, when you look a bit deeper and consider the numbers around the league this is a clear win for the Atlanta Falcons.

The quarterback market is always moving higher look at the deals Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, and Kyler Murray all received over the past few seasons. Kirk Cousins' deal is more than fair and doesn't pay Cousins as one of the top starters within his market.

Atlanta is looking at pay Cousins fair value for a player that is in the top 10-15 range at his position. That is exactly the type of money that Cousins will receive. After getting $45-million guaranteed the first two seasons in Atlanta the Falcons can easily move on with only $10-million guaranteed in the third year of the contract and none in the fourth.

Look this offseason at players like Baker Mayfield or Gardner Minshew and the guarantees they are receiving. Atlanta didn't want the question marks they were going to get if they went for value at quarterback. They did this with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder each of the past two seasons. How did going cheap for the most important position on the field work out for Atlanta?

The Falcons are a team that has spent each of the past two seasons believing they were a quarterback away from the playoffs. Until you make the right draft selection you get what you pay for at an overpriced position and the Falcons paid fair value with a safe commitment to the best player on the market.

Kirk Cousins is elite when it comes to getting his bag and that was the case yet again here. However, Atlanta fans can take comfort in the fact they finally have a capable starter and even if things go sideways, you can easily move on in two years.

This is a deal that is a rare win for both sides at the quarterback position. The Falcons found their perfect fit and Cousins found one last payday in Atlanta.