Why Kirk Cousins makes sense for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Many Atlanta Falcons fans wouldn't be pleased if the offseason ended and Atlanta's answer at quarterback was Kirk Cousins. Fans want the next Micheal Vick or Matt Ryan, stability and a player they can put their arms around for a long time to come.

Cousins is boringly great at what he does with a corny dad sense of humor and an inability to make big plays with his legs. Cousins is one of the few quarterbacks in the league that can be considered among the top at his position and is completely a pocket passer.

Not that Kirk won't run but it is always a last resort. This is what Atlanta fans had for years from Matt Ryan and many want a change with a young player that can make plays both with his arm and legs. This is understandable, however, it may not be possible.

The Falcons are drafting 8th overall and are unlikely to get a shot at one of the top quarterbacks without trading up. This leaves the options of Justin Fields and Kirk Cousins as the best possible starters on the market. Fields could still stay in Chicago meaning it is a very real possibility that Atlanta's best option is Kirk.

While this may be a bit boring it would be a winning move that sets the Falcons up to be NFC contenders right now. Cousins is exactly the type of starter that would have made the Falcons a playoff team in the 2023 season.

The team is built around the run game and a strong defensive core. Cousins would have more support than he has at any point in his career in Atlanta. While the Vikings might have a better top receiver Atlanta's defense, run game, and offensive line clearly are upgrades for the veteran quarterback.

Signing Kirk Cousins in Atlanta isn't a move that is going to have Atlanta fans universally excited. However, it is the type of safe and well-thought-out move that fits Raheem Morris and would quickly bring a playoff berth back to Atlanta.