Why Russell Wilson could be the answer for the Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages

Russell Wilson isn't going to have Atlanta Falcons fans excited or convinced that they are a capable team. This is understandable when you have names like Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Justin Fields seemingly within reach.

However, fans must evaluate all the possibilities and that includes that Kirk Cousins stays with the Vikings, Atlanta is unable to trade up, and the Bears keep Justin Fields or send him to the AFC. It isn't crazy to believe that all of this could happen with the amount of teams that are in the quarterback hunt.

If this is the case and the Falcons are forced to settle Russell Wilson could be their best option. At this point in his career, Wilson is a game manager who will lean on Atlanta's young talent at the skill positions. What makes this a great fit is the money that Atlanta could save and spend on the defense and adding depth at receiver.

Atlanta should be focused on getting one of the top quarterbacks on the market. If they fail to do this with a myriad of teams in the quarterback market Wilson is a great secondary option. The veteran can come to Atlanta and help this roster win now.

Yes, he isn't the star quarterback he once was but there has been improvement in Denver. In the NFC Wilson can be the starter for a good playoff team and help guide any project quarterbacks the Falcons drafted.

Wilson isn't the first or best choice for the Falcons but clearly this roster could win with the veteran and be a contender in the NFC as division favorites.

Since leaving Seattle Wilson has struggled and will clearly be looking for a shot at redemption. From Wilson's perspective, there is no better landing spot than in Atlanta with a great cast of young weapons and a defense that could now afford to add a much-needed edge rusher.