Why the Atlanta Falcons aren't a landing spot for DeAndre Hopkins

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With the lack of depth they have at receiver it is understandable the Atlanta Falcons have been tied to DeAndre Hopkins as a potential landing spot. One that makes sense when you consider that Drake London is just in his second season and Atlanta lacks one proven option behind him. Hopkins would be the instant number-one option and take a lot of the pressure off of Desmond Ridder, Kyle Pitts, and London.

This was a fit that when Hopkins appeared likely to be traded made sense and clearly would have benefitted both sides. However, now that the Cardinals made the move to simply release the veteran receiver the Falcons have very little to offer Hopkins that other teams cannot match.

Atlanta has limited cap space and a first year starter in Desmond Ridder. While Atlanta is a logical landing spot based on need if you're Hopkins why are you choosing the Falcons?

Atlanta is a team that has three running backs capable of starting and will be focused on running the ball with the passing attack being the obvious second option. Add in an unknown starter in Ridder and Atlanta is going to be a tough situation to sell to the top remaining receiver on the market.

Hopkins clearly wants to play with Patrick Mahomes or another of the top passing attacks in the league. While Terry Fontenot has sold free agents on Atlanta as a team taking a step forward during this off-season in this case it is completely different.

Hopkins is a free agent whose career has gone off track based on a dysfunctional team in Arizona and struggles to stay healthy. Looking to leave the Cardinals and put his career back on track on what is likely going to be a short-term deal why would you join a run-focused team with an unproven quarterback?

As clear as it might be that the Falcons will be playoff contenders it is also clear that this is a team with two great targets already and an unknown passing attack. Hopkins would be far better served for his own interests to join Patrick Mahomes or another top passing attack in the AFC.

While Atlanta clearly could use the veteran pass catcher there should be very little optimism that Atlanta ultimately becomes Hopkins' landing spot.