Why the Atlanta Falcons should be chasing Carson Wentz

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Whether it is Justin Fields, a draft pick, or attempting to land Kirk Cousins or Russell Wilson the only thing certain for the Atlanta Falcons is the urgency at the quarterback position. A level of urgency that should have them looking beyond just the starter and considering chasing a backup they believe could start.

Desmond Ridder was the perfect cautionary tale for Atlanta Falcons fans of what can happen when you fail to develop your starter and have a reliable backup. Blame Arthur Smith or the offensive system, but the fact remains Taylor Heinicke played at an atrocious level.

Atlanta's most likely path to finding a starting quarterback is a trade either for Justin Fields of moving up in the draft for one of this year's top three prospects. In either scenario you are acquiring an unknown player that is likely going to take a lot of risks in their first year in Atlanta making the backup position on all the more important.

While there are a myriad of veterans and former starters set to hit free agency none are as clear of a fit as Carson Wentz. Wentz had great moments as starter both with the Eagles and the Colts. He has proven capable of playing at a top 10-15 level for long stretches and is not someone fans will be clamoring for at the first sign of trouble.

Wentz is exactly what you want in a backup quarterback a player with a high ceiling as a starter but has lost fan's interest. While Atlanta will likely have to pay more to land the veteran it is a worthy investment and one they can go a long way in paying for by simply cutting Taylor Heinicke.

Signing Carson Wentz wouldn't be a popular move among fans, but it would be a wise decision that prepares the Falcons for injury or a rookie that fails to live up to expectations.