Why would Bill Belichick be a fit for the Atlanta Falcons?

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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It seems clear that the Atlanta Falcons have a healthy level of interest in current Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The fit makes sense when you consider Arthur Blank seems to be in charge of Atlanta's search for a head coach.

While the CEO and general manager are both expected to play roles in the hunt for a head coach it is fair to expect the Falcons owner to be the one calling the shots. From everything we have seen and heard from Arthur Blank over the past half-decade the owner taking a swing for the Patriots head coach fits.

Bill Belichick is one of the most accomplished coaches in league history. This deserves immense respect and we watched this season that the coach can still find ways to get the most out of his defense. There are few defensive strategists that compare, however, if we look at the situation in New England the reasons Falcons fans should be wary of this move are obvious.

The team just parted ways with Arthur Smith due to poor play design and an inability to get the quarterback position right. If Bill does leave New England for a fresh start these are the exact reasons that the Patriots feel they need to move on.

Whether it is Zappe, Newton, or Jones the quarterback position and offense have struggled since Tom Brady left for Tampa. The exact issues that ended with Smith getting fired are why the Patriots have struggled over the past four seasons.

Yes, there was one solid season with Mac Jones but it ended in a first-round exit and clearly still head issues on the offensive side. This move doesn't make sense for the Falcons unless they are able to pair a top OC with the veteran coach.

Bill likes coaching and running the team his way that much is clear from his time with the Patriots. Why would the Falcons bring in someone with a recent history of the same issues that just resulted in their head coach getting fired?

Bill Belichick in Atlanta could work if the veteran is willing to bring in a fresh OC to run the offense and his focus is bringing his defensive style to Atlanta. That is the only scenario that Atlanta should consider bringing in Bill.

Spending a draft pick for the coach or allowing him to come in with full control simply cannot happen. Despite what he has accomplished in this league, at this stage of his career there are better fits out there for a team who needs offensive help Bill hasn't proven capable of providing in the late stages of his career.