Will an Arthur Smith Hot Seat become a thing this year?

A large amount of decisions come down to the Head Coach. However, if these decisions result in further losses, or bad offensive football, there can begin to be rumblings on if the HC is the guy for the job.
Smith was brought in after being the Titan's offensive coordinator from 2019-2020.
Smith was brought in after being the Titan's offensive coordinator from 2019-2020. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Falcons have now lost 2 winnable games off the back of bad quarterback play, and disjointed offense. Through both outings, the Falcons have scored a total of 13 points. Questionable plays, shifting to throwing the ball, and a reliance on keeping Ridder in, are leading to questions being asked about Smith's ability long-term as Head Coach.

The Falcons' defense ranks 10th in Opponents Points per Game, while being 25th in Offensive Points per Game. If the Falcon's offense puts up 24 points in these two outings, both result in wins. It truly highlights that the team isn't bad on both sides of the ball, it's the offensive scheme, and Desmond Ridder, that are keeping the Falcons from winning these two games they could have come away with. (Which wasn't a possibility in pre-season predictions).

The responsibility of play-calling is also in a difficult predicament. For Atlanta, the playcaller is not the Offensive Coordinator Dave Raggone. Those responsibilities are being handled by Arthur Smith. Therefore, it's a low likelihood that you will see that responsibility shift to another coach. That just brings the potential for Arthur Smith's seat to be warming up if things don't change for the better.

That looks like it might need to be sooner than later, especially with the Quarterback change. When you have veterans getting absolutely irate with your current starter and their "leadership", signs are pointing towards lost trust. Combine these problems with the fact that Smith doesn't want to bench Ridder (we will see what happens when Houston comes to town), and eventually somebody has to answer for why the team isn't performing the way it should.

dude, mack hollins wanted none of this desmond ridder high five after he missed him on the post pic.twitter.com/mxd4Vg14XV

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Yeah, it's early right now. Smith still has time, he can say that he truly hasn't had the QB for his scheme as of yet. Taylor Heinicke is a solid backup, he can come in and produce. With Heinicke in, the focus will then shift to the offensive scheme itself. If there aren't wins racked up during that time period, things will start to get a little warm, and almost hot, for Arthur Smith.