Will the Atlanta Falcons be playing their quarterback of the future on Sunday?

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons will take on the Chicago Bears on Sunday in another "must-win" to keep their playoff hopes alive. This game will have the interesting side story of having a starting quarterback that the Falcons have been speculated as a landing spot for. A lot can change in the final two weeks but it appears the Bears will have the number one pick in the draft. It is expected at this point the team will draft Caleb Williams and trade Justin Fields.

That could obviously change with a long way to go before the draft and with the level at which Fields is playing. Justin Fields has been a target for Atlanta Falcons fans since entering the draft and clearly would make a level of sense to target this off-season. The price would likely be a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

If the Falcons retain Arthur Smith trading for Justin Fields and signing a second receiver is an easy way to fix the offense. While Fields is far from perfect the Falcons would have a huge upgrade at the position. It has been important to note that this is completely speculation there hasn't been anything official to believe the team will chase Fields this off-season.

While we expect the team to be in the quarterback market Ryan Tannehill, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and Kirk Cousins are all potential targets as well. Kyler Murray could be included in this list until you look at his contract and consider the long-term cap implications.

Regardless the Falcons are undoubtedly adding to the position this off-season and Justin Fields will be one of the most obvious fits on the market. Sunday should give Falcons fans a great look at why it would be so exciting to add Fields as well as why Chicago is moving on. Fields to Atlanta is a story to watch closely this off-season especially if Arthur Smith is retained.