Will the Atlanta Falcons extend All-Pro CB A.J. Terrell?

With A.J. Terrell going into his fifth-year option year, the Atlanta Falcons could look to extend him soon.
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A.J. Terrell, through his first four seasons, has proven that he can be one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. The former first-round pick made an All-Pro team in 2021 and has been robbed of making the Pro Bowl twice.

With Terrell being a first-round pick, his rookie contract included a fifth-year option which the Falcons exercised last year, meaning he is still under contract for the 2024 season.

The fifth-year option will pay him $12 million this year if the Falcons decide to let him play under it. That is not a bad number for an elite cornerback but it would be better if he were locked up for the future. Will the Falcons do that?

Will the Falcons extend star CB A.J. Terrell?

I will start by saying that the Falcons should extend A.J. Terrell. Terrell has been a key piece since being drafted in the first round. He has been their best corner, and, at times, their best defender.

It is hard to find a good number-one cornerback and you need to keep them around when you do. But this doesn't mean they will.

Terry Fontenot publicly supported A.J. Terrell a few days ago as he said this at the owner meetings:

""The worker, the consummate pro that he is, that's what you get excited about, but the mindset that he has, the way that he works, he's just a consummate pro. And that's important. Again, it's a premiere position. Like we talked about pass rushers, cover corner is a premiere position. But love everything about A.J.""

Terry Fontenot

That sounds like the type of player Fontenot would love to extend. He also stated last year that he wanted to get an extension done with Terrell.

In addition to this, new Falcons head coach Raheem Morris was in Atlanta when the team drafted Terrell. Since then, he has given glowing reports on the standout corner—Morris loves Terrell.

The Falcons are going to do everything they can to extend A.J. Terrell, whether or not they are able to come to an agreement is another story.