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Hello to any and all people looking to read about the one the only and the magnificent Atlanta Falcons. First off, I want to introduce myself and explain how I came to love my birds so much.

My name is Sean McNally. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I am 29 years old and I love my Falcons. I was born in Chicago, IL and grew up in Denver and Los Angeles. I wasn’t a fan of any specific team growing up as a child. I watched football and , like most kids I just looked at the colors and helmets to decide who I liked.

1991, I watched a guy play who changed my life and gave me a love for the Falcons that has never stopped. Deion Sanders was amazing, simply the best player I had ever personally watched. He played so much better than the rest of the other guys on the field and he showed such flash and ability that he instantly became my favorite. Number 21 became my player and cornerback became my position.  As I grew older I continued watching football, finding nuances in the game that just amazed me, players that excited me and plays that just boggled my young mind. Watching how the defense reacted to the audibles and motions of the offense, the way the offense read and adjusted their actions to the defense. It was awesome!

In Denver everyone is a Broncos fan. Nothing against them but I couldn’t stand the sight of those garish colors. Bright orange and that blue. They looked like redneck hunters with helmets to me. I would watch the Broncos play every chance I had and went to my first game against the Bears at Mile High Stadium. It was special because for the first time I really understood why I liked football. I loved watching these guys running plays watching the battle at the line of scrimmage and I loved watching the DB’s running all over the field making plays.

In ’94 I moved to LA and at that point the Rams were gone and the Raiders were on their way out of town. I didn’t care because I had never done time in prison or liked teams named after stupid animals in bright blue and yellow jerseys that, to me looked like clown suits. No, I was a Falcons fan. Black and Red. They looked tough and they looked dangerous. That ominous black bird of prey on their helmet it reminded me of death personified. The birds are coming folks, hit the deck!

The Bird Speaks!

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