November 11, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) celebrates his touchdown against the New Orleans Saints during the fourth quarter at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The New Orleans Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons 31-27. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Gonzalez's Farewell Opener

If there is anything you should know about me after reading my work is that I’m borderline in love with Tony Gonzalez and that I (to put it mildly) don’t care very much for the saints.

That is why September 8th couldn’t get here fast enough.

Last year, Tony Gonzalez said he was 95% sure that that was his last year.  I thought he was 90% full of it.  I always assumed he would come back because he left a window of opportunity open.  Anyone who does that doesn’t really want to retire.  All it took was a little nudge from a family member and he was all in.

Now, he claims it is his last year without a doubt.  He is not leaving any window open at all.  After this year, win or lose, he’s retiring to a long life with his family.  A lot of people want to compare him to Brett Favre (who came out of retirement 3 times) but that’s just nonsense.  He won’t come back next year and there won’t be a major campaign to get him back because of how clear he is making the fact that THIS year is his last.  But after going the majority of the offseason without knowing, it will be wonderful to see him perform an entire game.  I’m sure I’ll get to see him in the preseason, but I don’t think he’ll be out there any longer than Steven Jackson is.

The first full game we get to see Tony Gonzalez and his mastery of the game will be on a Sunday afternoon against the New Orlean Saints to open the Falcons Season.  Due to the improvements that the Falcons have made and the lack of improvements the saints have made along with a change in a defensive scheme, I do not believe the saints have a prayer in this game.  They are no pushovers, however, and never are.  Keep in mind with the worst defense in the league, their offense was enough to take down the undefeated Falcons in New Orleans last year.  With Sean Payton back, the team will most likely be another threat.

I would love to see another shoot out between two of the best Tight Ends in the game.  I’m betting Gonzo wins this round though.

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  • Nathaniel Whitehead

    I hate to see him go, but I’m glad he’s leaving at the top of his game, instead ofon the decline.

    • Rick D,

      Double Eight will make the key catch that seals our SB win this season. You read it here first.

      • cmac

        First the Shatlanta Fraudkins need to have a winning record. Then they need to actually make the playoffs. Then they need to actually win 3 games in the playoffs. THEN they need to play a big game, with intense media scrutiny, and win it.

        Based on the lack of heartbeat from their coach and QB, I doubt the Falcekins can accomplish the first two steps, let alone the next two.

        The Fockins have always been, and will always be, a pale imitation of a real NFL team. No heart, no will, and really OLD guys at RB and TE.

        • Rick D,

          Oh look…it’s Homer!

          *yawns* moanin’ Homer. Preach it! I love an unbiased soul!

  • Jeremie Landry

    If the game were in Atlanta I would say maybe I agree with u the games between us r always tough but being the game is in New Orleans and with Sean Payton back and ready for revenge it’s the falcons who don’t have a prayer!! We will make an example of the falcons come week 1!! Sorry !!! Maybe just maybe y’all win when we come to Atlanta

    • Rick D,

      What does he need revenge on the Falcon’s for? It was your very organization that failed him, got him suspended. By your drunken logic, EVERY team is responsible for your poor poor team’s CHEATERS. This is why I don’t care for the “Where Dat Toilet Paper??” nation. You can’t seem to scrape enough intelligence to argue beyond “WE GON KILL YAS” banter. Y’all runnin off all the poor after Katrina. We got a spiffy new ferris wheel!

      The road to the Super Bowl will be over the body of Drew Breesey. You don’t think EVERYONE in the Falcon organization knows that?

      This is our time. No one going to stop us. And you all secretly fear that very fact. Soon, no more “you can’t win the big one” to throw around.

      Instead of worrying about your Team, worry more about your city and the ridiculous noise ordinance about to be enacted in the French Quarter. Without the Vieux Carré, your city is just Biloxi Lite.

      • Jeremie Landry

        He doesn’t need revenge on just the falcons but on the entire nfl !! They never really proved anything never provided any real evidence and while what they say we did was against the rules it wasn’t cheating pay for performance giving bonuses for good plays is not cheating and if u recall our d was never really that good even the year we won the SB our d was ranked 24th so where was the ADVANTAGE????see ya week 1 ill be in the dome watching us beat the shit out of the falclowns!!!!!

        • Rick D,

          Jeremie <—typical 'classy' Saint's fan. Represent!

  • octavia a henry

    We don’t care much for you or the “Fal”can’t’s either Y’all will never get to the promise land their are too many teams on the rise it gets harder and harder every year.

  • Rick D,

    I understand there are a lot of graveyards in NOLA. I know of this because so many Saint fans are whistling so often, they even wander over into team sites they secretly/openly envy.

    One more time, the Saints will be playing perpetual catch up to the Falcons. One big win, and suddenly everyone gets behind the birds. Even the east coast Brady Brofriend pundits, once we punt the patriots, will grudgingly admit Atlanta might be a contender this year.

    We have a few surprises for Saint Breezus. Getting us some nails and wood on that D-Block, indeed we are.

    • Jeremie Landry

      U r a clown!! The falcons r garbage and always will be we will stomp y’all asses this year!! Y’all won’t even see double digit wins clown !!! Matt cryin Ryan is a pussy and will choke when y’all need him the most like he always does!!

      • Rick D,

        Clown? Perhaps. But this clown will have a bigger grin on his face come Feb than the (f)Aints saddys faces and predictions of glory….next SEASON.

        At this point, our backup QB has more on the ball than that old man you got throwing TD’s all over the place. Unfortunately, The Breezus will start feeling that age. Not everyone can be a Farve LOL.

        Oh, and I’ll be back here after the 1st game. With a big bowl of wha-dat-just-happened-to-mah-saints.

        • Jeremie Landry

          We will see clown!! Since drew and Sean came in 2006 we have dominated y’all sorry asses and will continue to do so!! Your qb does not have the heart that mine does yours is a cry baby Lil faggot ass bitch!! We will beat the shit out of y’all!! U can take that to the bank!!

    • octavia a henry

      Y’all better have more than a few tricks b**ch !!! even if we don’t make it you still have to get pass the niner’s and the hawks. And that won’t be a easy task.

      • Rick D,

        blah blah blah… who dat yadda….here…let me wipe the spittle from your beer crusted beard.

        What did the Falcon’s DE say to the Breeze Kneez?


        • Magyver

          Putting out bounties are you beotch?… Tell ‘ya what: Kiss my WhoDat, but leave your mask on, I don’t want to lose my beer….,..

    • Jeremie Landry

      Who DAT!!!

      • octavia a henry

        I like this” He’s just clowning around he knows that shit he’s speaking is not real. Failcan’ts!!!

  • cmac

    Falcons have never won a big game. They never WILL win a big game. Tony Gonzales will be taking the field with the most average, milquetoast team in the NFL. Just like their coach, there is no passion or drive on the Falcons. Falcon fans crow over last season, when they know in their hearts they only won the division because the best team in the NFC South was without a coach and their defensive captain. Still, they could not beat the Saints head to head.

    Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Drew Brees will happily meet the Fakeons anywhere, anytime, and just win.

    The Atlanta pretenders got to play the role of winner last year….and then choke as always with their character-less coach and dispassionate QB. Order will be restored this season to the NFC South.

    The Shatlanta Fraudkins will simply have one more loss after 9/8. They will be reminded that they are only worthy to hold the coat of the Saints as they represent the South. They will be taught that just because they got to sit on the parade-float last season, they do not belong on it on an annual basis. Their fans will be taught that no matter how much you TALK about winning the big game, it doesn’t count UNTIL you actually win one.

    Rant over.

    Geaux Saints!
    Who Dat!?
    Momma said the Falcons suck, on account of medulla oblongata!

  • Lucy Morgan

    gonna be interesting to see what ATL’s Oline gonna look like…I can say, not promising