Patriots: The Yankees of the NFL?


New England signed John Lynch to a 1 year deal today. Another vet past him prime but looking for that last championship ring.

 I can’t blame they guy, Lynch was a GREAT NFL safety and he is giving himself a chance at one last championship. I only ask this one question? Who many old guys do the Patriots need? 

 The Pats are quickly looking like they may be “jumping the shark” right in front of us. I think they are doing the equivalant of bringing in the cute little kid for the last couple of seasons on a sitcom.

 I have never been a Patriots fan, I alway respected them and will always think they were a model organization, the operative term being “were”. I am now starting to think that the Patriots are taking the cue from a town just south of them in a different sport. In case you haven’t guessed I am saying the Patriots are becoming the Yankees! Don’t believe me? look below and tell me I am not right.

 Tom Brady: Golden boy who loves hot chicks (don’t we all) and been with the team his whole career. He is the face of the franchise and will never be anywhere else (Derek Jeter)

 John Lynch: Veteran who has a championship ring but jumps ship to go to another team to try to win another ring (Johnny Damon)

 Junior Seau: The guy who has done everything in the game except win it all. He wants to go out a champion and at this point it is almost getting sad to watch him go out there.  (Wade Boggs)

 Tedy Bruschi: The guy just cannot seem to hang ’em up already. He has 3 championships but needs more! (Mickey Mantle)

Or how about,

 Willie McGinest: The guy won his chapionships and decided to follow the money out of town to an inferior team (Andy Pettite).

I understand the thought of wanting to win and let’s face it no one has won more than the Patriots have over the last 7 seasons but when is it enough with the old guys and when is it that the young guys get a chance to play?

 I am going out on a limb now and saying that this is the last straw for the Patriots and the exact blueprint of how the Yankees have been undone as well.

                                                    The Bird Speaks!