Falcons Vs. Panthers QB and RB comparison


So here we are week 3 is in the rear view and the team that some predicted winning 2 games all season have met that goal already. I knew we were a better team than the pundits made us out to be and I think that what he have done is what made sense. We beat two teams that we should have beaten and we lost to a superior team in Tampa Bay.

 Carolina is up next and with this game, (our second divisional game of the season) we will really see what this team is made of. So I am going to go down the line and break down the Panthers and the Falcons QBs and Running Backs.

  The Panthers feature a good QB in Jake Delhomme, a good arm and a pretty smart player. He isn’t bound for Canton anytime soon but he is a starter and I usually enjoy watching him play.  My thoughts on Delhomme are simple: He is smart, doesn’t turn the ball over too much and he can make most throws. He isn’t a leadfoot and he shows good leadership. I like the guy to be sure but he doesn’t overwhelm me in any way.

 Matt Ryan is a rookie, and like all rookies the jury is still out on the guy because we haven’t seen enough to make any real asesments until the guy has at least a couple of seasons under his belt. But, what I have seen of him I like. I like him a lot. It isn’t just that he is my teams QB. He has done what you ask him to do, play smart and throw the ball to the guys in the same jersey. 

 DeAngelo WilliamsJohnathan Stewart: I like one of these guys (Stewart) and not so much the other (Williams). The reason is simple for me. I don’t think Williams is a very good running back. He isn’t awful, but the guy just doesn’t impress me at all, not his size or his speed or even his vision. Johnathan Stewart on the other hand is freaking good. He runs with authority and I think will be a touchdown machine in this league for a long time to come.

 Michael Turner & Jerious Norwood: I am biased but god damn are these guys good. Turner brings the pain every time he gets the ball. His legs don’t stop moving and he is always going for extra yardage. Jerious is a hell of an athlete who catches the ball and runs with such lightning speed that it makes guys look ridiculous. I can’t say enough good things about this tandem because for the first time in years the Falcons have the kind of running backs that I like. Big, fast and strong.

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