I try to focus on the Falcons as much as possible but I am going to make an exception here because I can.

First off I am not going to play the “I hate the Cowboys” game that is so popular because I frankly don’t hate them. In fact I am a bit closeted in my admiration of the franchise. It isn’t so much the team they have on the field is so great but that there is just some kind of mystique with that blue star deep in the heart of Texas.

  They have two of my personal favorite players in the league in Terrell Owens and DeMarcus Ware. They have a heck of a QB in my opinion and I wish there was a way that my Falcons had Felix Jones as well.

 The Cowboys represent what I like in football. They really have put a very good team out on the field and they have a pretty consistent product. I can see why people love them. The Cowboys have a storied history and several hall of fame players that made you think of only that team. Can you picture Troy Aikman as a 49er or a Kansas City Chief? Hell no you can’t. Troy Aikman is a Cowboy, just as Joe Montana is a 49er or Barry Sanders is a Lion (poor guy).

 The ‘Boys have my favorite owner in Jerry Jones. He is brash and strong and just doesn’t give a damn what it takes to win, he just wins. He is the George Steinbrenner of football and that is the reason I like the guy so much.  Jones isn’t Al Davis (thank god!) but he is willing to do what is needed to make money and enjoy himself doing it, but there is always a level of respect and excellence that you get with the Cowboys that you don’t get elsewhere.

 The fans are usually pretty cool, they are that way because they can afford to be. They win consistently and they don’t have to live in a hell hole like Philly. If I had to pick a team to like other than my Falcons I would have to pick the Cowboys. I mean hell, everyone likes a winner right?

The Cowboys of 2008 trouble me in a few respects. First, they are freaking dominant…. on paper. They can run you to death or pass all day long with the talent on the team. TO & Witten represent two of the best receivers I have ever seen. Romo is a hell of a quarterback and that defensive line is going to kill someone the way they play. But, the secondary is just lame! They can’t stop the big play and there seems to be no luck with the recent Pacman and T. Newman issues. 

 Roy Williamsis now a Cowboy another huge, fast and strong receiver to go with TO. Crayton is good but hasn’t emerged as the No. 2 wideout they expected him to be. So here is an embarrassment of riches if I ever saw one and I think that in that division the Cowboys have a legitimate chance to be 3rd place finishers if they don’t get their act together and stay healthy on the field and beat those Giants! 

In closing I say that the Cowboys, while being a very good team on paper but they are nowhere close to the level I thought they would achieve this far into the season. But, oh well that is just my opinion.

                                                                      The Bird Speaks!