Bizarro football world


Cowboys, Chargers, Saints, Colts and Seahawks all of them are under .500.

Atlanta, Tennessee, Carolina, Arizona, Buffalo all over .500

Crazy man crazy!

 The Falcons have had a great 7 weeks. Ryan, Turner, Mike Smith and the whole thing. It doesn’t get much better than this. 

 Buffalo is looking really really good. They are well balanced have a good team and young players who will be good for a long time to come. I look forward to seeing what this team does in the AFC.

 Carolina is just a cool team. There I said it. I like them. Johnathan Stewart is my favorite rookie not named Matt Ryan and I am so excited that I picked him to be as good as he has been. Their D shows me why I love defensive football so much. They don’t have many big names but they play hard every week and I love the way Fox has them prepared every week.

 Arizona is a joke, a freaking joke every year. Full of talent high draft picks that never seem to pan out  but damn. They just might be for real. Now I am not going to crown the Cards championsor anything. That would be stupid. They will win this divison and not because they are so great…. they aren’t. But because their division could seriously have only one winning team in it. By the way much love and all the respect in the world for my favorite Cardinal Anquan Boldin, the man is a freaking beast!

  Tennessee has a great coach. That is my answer for why this team plays so well. Jeff Fisher is amazing, simply amazing. He took a team that should have won 8 games all year and he has them at 7-0. My pick ofr my favorite Titan is Keith Bullock. The guy is a heck of a spark plug and I like the intensity he brings to the game. Good player, good team, good coach, good luck AFC!

                                                           THE BIRD SPEAKS!