Halloween fright fest


As the days draw closer to my personal favorite holiday I would like to take not of some of my fellow bloggers favorite horror and scary movies.

Give me the rundown guys & and girls let’s see what you are all made of. Tell me the movies title and why if is your favorite. The better the review the more respect from everyone in the FSB.

 Halloween: John Carpenter created the best psycho film of all time and simultaneously created the structure for the modern slasher film from Friday the 13th and beyond. Michael Myers still stands alone on top of the Mt. Olympus of crazy serial killers in the movies. Halloween introduced Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode as well as Dr. Sam Loomis played by Donald Pleasence. Halloween spawned some really pretty good sequels and some not so great ones, but at the end of the day they were all pretty damned entertaining (Part III excluded of course).

 Friday the 13th: The unbelievable juggernaut of the horror franchise is getting a reboot this Feburary and I have to say I am excited by the trailer. Friday the 13th trailer  Jason Vorhees with his unforgettable hockey mask and ever present machete and various implements of destruction have spawned countless nightmares from kids of the 80’s like myself. It is in the first movie that we are introduced to the legend of Jason and how because his camp counselors were making the nasty they allowed the poor retarded kid to drown in Crystal Lake. Then 22 years later his mother Mrs. Vorhees comes back to kill the people who are attempting to reopen the camp. This flick still stands out as one of the better in the series and Jason isn’t even in it. 

 A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Kruger is still a big part of pop culture today. What Wes Craven did was to re-create the boogeyman and turn him into something we could not escape on a different plane of existence…. in our dreams. This series gave us a killer who was entertaining as well as scary. He could deliver a line like “Welcome to Prime Time Bitch!” just before killing his latest victim and it added a sense of fun and a little fear because although Freddy was a psychopath he was a pretty funny dude too. Heather Langencamp, while no Jamie Lee Curtis was a very good virginal counterpart of the sick and twisted depravity of Freddy, remember when the guy was a live he was a child molester who was cornered by the parents of his victims and burned alive! Great story and good movies…. mostly. I strongly recommend Part III Dream Warriors as my personal favorite, but the original features Johnny Depp in his first flick and the memorable blood erupting bed scene is still really cool.

These are just a few classics tell me what you think bloggers what are your favorites? How do the Friday the 13ths rank? Did Freddy lose the fear factor once he started telling more jokes than teens he killed?

                                                                             The Bird Speaks! and I want you to do the same!