The Saints come marching into Atlanta


The Saints are in last place in the NFC South, in my opinion the most competive division in football. New Orleans is last for a number of reasons I will get to but first I have to give the guys in gold a little help. They are riddled with injuries admittedly but damn, is this team the same one I picked to play in the superbowl last season? Yes they are!

This is the biggest group of underacheivers this side of Dallas (sorry guys you know it’s true) Drew Brees is an amazing QB and I want everyone to know that he is left out of this argument entirely. But what does the guy have to do? He is a monster week in week out and he does everything a good QB should do, but they just keep on losing.

Maybe it’s the Defense? I mean they got Sedrick Ellis in the draft, Will Smith and Charles Grant make a good line. The secondary is just not that good at all but the linebackers especially Johnathan Vilma are probably the strongest part of the defense as a whole. The fire and the intensity you see in so many other teams just seems to be lacking on this squad. I think it is coaching, pure and simple. Sean Payton is OK but that is about the only thing I can say about him. His team has played offensive; Shoot the lights out football during his tenure and his team has been mediocre because of it.

Now how do they turn this thing around you ask? Simple…… draft defensive players. They got Ellis so that is a positive step but this team has a ways to go and an awful big mountain to climb in what is a much stronger division. The Falcons have a solid D and an offensive juggernaut in the making. Carolina is built with a strong running game and a D that is one of the best in the league and then Tampa Bay is not so strong on offense but has a veteran D that can win games on their own.

Nawlins is behind in a division that is based on defense and a league that is built on defense. This is not going to end well for a while. Sorry guys it’s true.

Atlanta 32- New Orleans ‘Aints 27