Thoughts on the playoff system


I don’t usually cast aspersions on other teams, not because I am such a nice guy but because being a long time Falcons fan I am not usually in a position to say anything. But all i can say is WOW!

 The Arizona Cardinals are not a playoff team.

Sorry, I am sorry to say something so harsh especially when I live in Phoenix and I want the Cards to do well but how can you say anything nice or remotely respectable when the Cardinals get completely manhandled they way they did today in Foxboro. I mean 47-7 is just a joke!

I have a proposition for everyone out there in the bloggosphere, not a mandate or a call for action for the NFL but just a thought that makes more sense to me.

 Why does the top team in the division automatically win a playoff spot? Wouldn’t it make more sense to see better teams in stronger divisions who deserve the spots more take those playoff positions? Look at the NFC South, We have Tampa Bay, Carolina, New Orleans and the Falcons. Take out the Saints out and those are 3 teams that have been in the hunt not just the playoffs but the NFC crown the WHOLE SEASON!

 The thought that the Falcons or the Buccaneers could miss the playoffs is just not fair at all. The NFC East is another division that is stacked with talent and teams like Philadelphia and Dallasjust are too good to not make the playoffs when a team that plays so inconsistently and in such a weak division as Arizona does just doe not make much sense.

 Ok, so What should happen? What about strength of schedule or division records playing more into the the playoff standings? What if you play in the NFC South where the home record is like 24-3 or something and 3 of the four teams are in contention for the playoffs and you miss on the playoff picture because the NFC West has a spot locked up. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The AFC East is full of good teams. The Patriots, Jets and Dolphins (who would have guessed that one?) All deserve a spot in the playoffs if you ask me. Why should the Broncos or Chargershave a spot when the division they play in is just so freaking bad and no one can win consistently?

Shouldn’t the playoffs be full of teams that have played better than everyone else? It should be the best of the best of the NFL. Teams that have worked harder should have the chance at the Superbowl and championship not just because you were the best of a weak or a bad division.

                                                              The Bird Speaks!