Mock Draft Mania!

1Detroit Lions
QB Matt Stafford, Georgia

I am not so high on the guy but he does look to have a good arm and I like the school he came from but the Lions need to do something after the 0-16 season so here it is.2St. Louis Rams
OT Jason Smith, Baylor

This was Eugene Monroe’s spot to lose and I feel he did. Smith looks to be a safe pick and the Rams need someone to keep Marc Bulger upright.3Kansas City Chiefs
LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

Curry is the safe pick here but with Pioli and the Cassell and now Gonzalez trades I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade down.4Seattle Seahawks
QB Mark Sanchez, USC

Sanchez just makes sense here and that is what I am going off of. Logically I say the Seahawks go for a future player to take over for the aging Matt Hasselbeck.5Cleveland Browns
DE Tyson Jackson, LSU

3-4 pass rusher should be a solid player who plays hard and will make Mangini look like the ManGenius if he goes to Cleveland6Cincinnati Bengals
OT Eugene Monore, Virigna

Let’t face it, leaving the combine hurt the guys standing out there but he is still a good player and will be welcome addition to the Bengals joke of an O-line.7Oakland Raiders
WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

People have the Raiders taking Maclin here and while he is fast as hell he isn’t as big a name, and name is the big thing for Al Davis. 8Jacksonville Jaguars
OT Andre Smith, Alabama

I wouldn’t be suprprised if the Jags were to trade if Crabtree were available but I don’t think he will be and the Jags are scared of their track record on wide receivers. A safe but smart pick.  9Green Bay Packers
OLB/DE Aaron Maybin, Penn State
Maybin can be a playmaker and the Packers need a pass rusher.10San Francisco 49ers
DT B.J. Raji, Boston College

I am not big on Raji and I don’t know if I am really off here having him at 10 while most mocks have him in the top 5 but something tells me this happens.11Buffalo Bills
DE Brian Orakpo, Texas

The guy is a quality pass rusher and will fit in well in a blue collar hard working defense. 12Denver Broncos
CB Vontae Davis, Illinois

The Broncos sould love a pass rusher but their secondary is just awful.

13Washington Redskins
DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee

Don’t forget that this team is ready to leverage their future at any time so a crazy trade for a sexy pick isn’t out of the question, but Jason Taylor is gone and they will need help in that division.14New Orleans Saints
CB Malcom Jenkins, Ohio State

A really talented player who makes a lot of sense for a team with a really bad secondary.15Houston Texans
 OLB Brian Cushing, USC


 This is the kind of player that makes a lot of sense because this defense will be a monster in a year or two. Watch out!16San Diego Chargers
OT Michael Oher, Misssissippi

The Chargers are in OK shape most places so an extra offensive lineman always makes sense.

17New York Jets
QB Josh Freeman, KSU

This is another logic pick but I think the Jets could go out and trade up if they are feeling they can get Sanchez.18Denver Broncos
(9-7, Pick via Bears)
DE Larry English, Northern Illinois

They can address the defensive line and get on the road to respectablity19Tampa Bay Buccaneers
LB Clay Matthews, USC

Tampa needs a defense that is younger and meaner Mstthews fits the bill nicely20Detroit Lions
(9-7, Pick via Cowboys)
OT Eben Britton, Arizona

The Lions have their QB of the future….. again and now they need to protect him.21Philadelphia Eagles
RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

I think this has to be the lowest a running back has ever gone in the first round but here he is, Brian Westbrook’s replacement. If you are the Eagles you take this guy without any hesitation.22Minnesota Vikings
WR Percy Harvin, Florida

Harvin failed a drug test but his talent is too good to pass up this late.23New England Patriots
CB Darius Butler, UCONN

This makes sense with the players they could have taken already off of the board.24Atlanta Falcons
DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss

This makes sense because the defensive line needs to be addressed but if Glenn Dorsey is traded then this could be KC getting Jerry25Miami Dolphins
 WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers

The Dolphins are a playmaking wide receiver away from being explosive26Baltimore Ravens
LB Rey Maualuga, USC

Mr. Lewis, sir meet your replacement.27Indianapolis Colts
DT Evander Hood, Missouri

This could be a great pick or it could be really far off. I just don’t know what Indy is thinking ever.28Buffalo Bills
(Pick via CAR, PHI)
TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State

Pettigrew falls but is still 1st round material.

  29New York Giants
WR Hakeem Nicks, UNC

New York needs a wide receiver if they don’t get Braylon Edwards30Tennessee Titans
WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

I don’t think he will far this far but I don’t know where to put him.31Arizona Cardinals
RB Chris “Beanie” Wells, Ohio State

This guy is really good and will be a welcome addition in Phoenix32Pittsburgh Steelers
C Max Unger , Oregon

What do you you get for the team that seemingly has everything? How about a healthy offensive line.

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