Mock Draft Mania!

1Detroit Lions
QB Matt Stafford, Georgia

I am not so high on the guy but he does look to have a good arm and I like the school he came from but the Lions need to do something after the 0-16 season so here it is.2St. Louis Rams
(2-14)OT Jason Smith, Baylor

This was Eugene Monroe’s spot to lose and I feel he did. Smith looks to be a safe pick and the Rams need someone to keep Marc Bulger upright.3Kansas City Chiefs
(2-14)LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

Curry is the safe pick here but with Pioli and the Cassell and now Gonzalez trades I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade down.4Seattle Seahawks
(4-12)QB Mark Sanchez, USC

Sanchez just makes sense here and that is what I am going off of. Logically I say the Seahawks go for a future player to take over for the aging Matt Hasselbeck.5Cleveland Browns
(4-12)DE Tyson Jackson, LSU

3-4 pass rusher should be a solid player who plays hard and will make Mangini look like the ManGenius if he goes to Cleveland6Cincinnati Bengals
(4-11-1)OT Eugene Monore, Virigna

Let’t face it, leaving the combine hurt the guys standing out there but he is still a good player and will be welcome addition to the Bengals joke of an O-line.7Oakland Raiders
(5-11)WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

People have the Raiders taking Maclin here and while he is fast as hell he isn’t as big a name, and name is the big thing for Al Davis. 8Jacksonville Jaguars
(5-11)OT Andre Smith, Alabama

I wouldn’t be suprprised if the Jags were to trade if Crabtree were available but I don’t think he will be and the Jags are scared of their track record on wide receivers. A safe but smart pick.  9Green Bay Packers
(6-10)OLB/DE Aaron Maybin, Penn State
Maybin can be a playmaker and the Packers need a pass rusher.10San Francisco 49ers
(7-9)DT B.J. Raji, Boston College

I am not big on Raji and I don’t know if I am really off here having him at 10 while most mocks have him in the top 5 but something tells me this happens.11Buffalo Bills
(7-9)DE Brian Orakpo, Texas

The guy is a quality pass rusher and will fit in well in a blue collar hard working defense. 12Denver Broncos
(8-8)CB Vontae Davis, Illinois

The Broncos sould love a pass rusher but their secondary is just awful.

13Washington Redskins
(8-8)DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee

Don’t forget that this team is ready to leverage their future at any time so a crazy trade for a sexy pick isn’t out of the question, but Jason Taylor is gone and they will need help in that division.14New Orleans Saints
(8-8)CB Malcom Jenkins, Ohio State

A really talented player who makes a lot of sense for a team with a really bad secondary.15Houston Texans
(8-8) OLB Brian Cushing, USC

 This is the kind of player that makes a lot of sense because this defense will be a monster in a year or two. Watch out!16San Diego Chargers
(8-8)OT Michael Oher, Misssissippi

The Chargers are in OK shape most places so an extra offensive lineman always makes sense.

17New York Jets
(9-7)QB Josh Freeman, KSU

This is another logic pick but I think the Jets could go out and trade up if they are feeling they can get Sanchez.18Denver Broncos
(9-7, Pick via Bears)DE Larry English, Northern Illinois

They can address the defensive line and get on the road to respectablity19Tampa Bay Buccaneers
(9-7)LB Clay Matthews, USC

Tampa needs a defense that is younger and meaner Mstthews fits the bill nicely20Detroit Lions
(9-7, Pick via Cowboys)OT Eben Britton, Arizona

The Lions have their QB of the future….. again and now they need to protect him.21Philadelphia Eagles
(9-6-1)RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

I think this has to be the lowest a running back has ever gone in the first round but here he is, Brian Westbrook’s replacement. If you are the Eagles you take this guy without any hesitation.22Minnesota Vikings
(10-6)WR Percy Harvin, Florida

Harvin failed a drug test but his talent is too good to pass up this late.23New England Patriots
(11-6)CB Darius Butler, UCONN

This makes sense with the players they could have taken already off of the board.24Atlanta Falcons
(11-5)DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss

This makes sense because the defensive line needs to be addressed but if Glenn Dorsey is traded then this could be KC getting Jerry25Miami Dolphins
(11-5) WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers

The Dolphins are a playmaking wide receiver away from being explosive26Baltimore Ravens
(11-5)LB Rey Maualuga, USC

Mr. Lewis, sir meet your replacement.27Indianapolis Colts
12-4)DT Evander Hood, Missouri

This could be a great pick or it could be really far off. I just don’t know what Indy is thinking ever.28Buffalo Bills
(Pick via CAR, PHI)TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State

Pettigrew falls but is still 1st round material.

  29New York Giants
(12-4)WR Hakeem Nicks, UNC

New York needs a wide receiver if they don’t get Braylon Edwards30Tennessee Titans
(13-3)WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

I don’t think he will far this far but I don’t know where to put him.31Arizona Cardinals
(9-7)RB Chris “Beanie” Wells, Ohio State

This guy is really good and will be a welcome addition in Phoenix32Pittsburgh Steelers
(12-4)C Max Unger , Oregon

What do you you get for the team that seemingly has everything? How about a healthy offensive line.