2010 NFL Draft in primetime? Oh hell no!


Why oh why do things that work just fine as they are have to go and change. I am big fan of change in some cases but when they are as good as the NFL Draft is it is already perfect in my humble opinion. I know that in late April I have one weekend planned. My friends know it, I know it and I know that no matter what I will have my Falcons drafting talent to make them better.

How in the world did a group of married men think that this idea was good?

 A perfect example of the way I like things to work is this: My wife’s b-day is April 25th which always conflicts with the draft and every year we find a way to enjoy both things. This year we went to a local sports bar for lunch and I got to watch the first few pics with a crowd while me and her had a nice time eating a cheeseburger and some fried zucchini. Then I went home sat on the couch and watched more draft coverage while  on the computer doing my thing here on BloggingDirty. The year before I was at my friend’s place watching Matt Ryan get drafted and drinking a lot of beer (for me that is like 3).

So now here is how this will work. I will race home on Thursday to get home by 4:30 PM PST to watch and when my wife gets home a couple of minutes later I will be up till who knows when so I can wake up at the crack of dawn to do it all again!

The time isn’t the issue for me mind you, it is the day. Thursday is a weekday, I don’t like to be up late because I need my beauty rest (for those who look at my video blogs I am sure you can see I need a lot more!) and I don’t like having to come in on a Friday just so I have to run back home again to watch what I would assume would be the 2ndround.

 The NFL needs to understand that the majority of it’s fans are working stiffs trying to make enough money to afford the high cost of tickets and jerseys and NFL Sunday Ticket so that we can be the obsessed fans that we all are. To make us stay up late so that we can see our team draft it’s future on a weeknight just isn’t fair. Oh and remember one thing here folks I am out west in AZ think about the poor guy in Buffalo who is doing the same thing and has to wait for his teams first draft pick somewhere between 10 and 18 or so. This guy will be up till what? 12 or 1 AM! That is just too much.

I say that the NFL draft was just fine the way it was and I understand that my blog won’t change much but this is just not fair to the true fans out there.

                                                                         Tell me what you think folks.