Falcons need defense…now!


We are three weeks into the preseason and so far the falcons have given up an average of 185 passing yards per game. Is that awful? No but it is not good and I want to see the Falcons address it, and address it it appears they want to do too.  So let’s focus on some waiver wire guys out there and available now who could come in and help us.

 Chris McAlister: He is one of my favorite cornerbacks to ever play the game. Big body, great hands and man can he move. But his off season knee surgery has scared off all suitors so far. Would he be a good fit in the Falcons? I say yes but only if he is healthy and is willing to play a more limited role and be a mentor to the young defensive backs that fill the Falcons roster.

 The news out of Baltimore is that Samari Rolle is out for 6 weeks with a neck injury and that the injury could be career threatening. If this is the case I can see the Ravens thinking about resigning McAlister because he is so familiar with the scheme they run but to go and sign the guy after they cut him so unceremoniously could be a tough thing for Ravens management to do.

 Derrick Brooks: Brooks is a linebacker but on passing downs he can act like a fifth defensive back at times with 25 career interceptions. It is is his ability to be at the right spot and to make the right play and his passion that makes Brooks such a phenomenal player. Would he fit in the Falcons? Yes, but in a depth position only. We need a guy to again mentor and to be able to come in and make the plays necessary when called upon. He has the fire and desire to play and I know he will get a call from some team, maybe it will be the Falcons.

 Lawer Milloy: He played for the Falcons for 3 years and just turned down a deal to play for the Lions. Would he fit in? Sure he would, but would he come back to the Falcons? Not likely but stranger things have happened. I would welcome Milloy back with open arms at this point, he have veteran leadership abilities and could help to give added depth but the question with all of these guys is this. Can they make plays? can the help the team? Can they do when they need to when called upon? I guess we will find out shortly.