NFC East & West season preview


NFC East

 The most competitive division in football

 1. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) The Eagles I feel have the best coaching in this division and some of the best in the league. I am a big fan of Donovan McNabb and I love the acquision of Michael Vick for this offense. The defense took a big blow with the loss of their defensive leader but this team has the tools to overcome a lot. Injuries have plagued the team early and often but if they can get contribution from back-ups they can take this division.

 2. Dallas Cowboys (10-6) I am going to go with my gut here because I feel a running Cowboys team is a team that needs to be taken seriously but on the flipside of that coin if this team falls into their pass happy ways of the last couple of years they could be in the cellar very quickly. Felix Jones just might be the best back-up running back in the league and no one is more explosive. If the Cowboys don’t win this season you can say good bye to Wade Phillips…finally!

 3. New York Giants (9-7) I see a lot of predictions out there picking the Giants winning the division and some actually being the best team in the NFC. While I can’t say I agree I have to say that stranger things have happened. The defense is still very good and I love Brandon Jacobs but does anyone else see a glaring need for receivers that I do? Eli Manning is a very good QB and this team is good but you do need to move the chains through the air too. If I am wrong I will eat my words but I have a feeling that the loss of Plaxico Burress will be bigger than expected.

 4. Washington Redskins (6-10) This team has so little depth that it amazes me. I don’t see any real quality players outside of the starters. The defense is thin as a cracker and Haynesworth and Orakpo will need to be amazing to keep their team in the hunt of a really strong division. Now for Jason Campbell, either you like him or you don’t. I fall in the latter category, he just doesn’t impress me and I can’t see him being the kind of player that will win you a championship but he won’t throw a lot of interceptions so that is good…..right?

NFC West

 Where crappy teams that do just enough not to win come to suck

 1. Seattle Seashawks(9-7) I don’t like the Seahawks, in fact I don’t want them to win anything ever. Nothing personal I just don’t like these guys because they have controlled a weak division for quite a while over the last few years and it is the lack of talent in this division that has allowed this to continue, well I say that it continues, again! Oh good lord. Jim Moraand that defense both should be improvements over the walking wounded they had in 2008 and T.J. Housh………….. should be good too.

 2. Arizona Cardinals (7-9) No team in football will crush your dreams more than the redbirds. They will give you a great playoff run and a trip to the Super Bowl and they were about to win it! Then they remembered they were the Cardinals and let Santonio Holmes catch that ball. I wanted to believe, I wanted them to succeed I wanted them to win now they can’t score for shit in the pre-season. The one thing they do right and now what? It’s like Motley Crue not banging superhot chicks and saying that they are becoming folk musicians.

 3. San Francisco 49ers (5-11) This team has a physical defense and a tackling machine in Patrick Willis, they have Frank Gore and I kinda like Shaun Hill. Bit they have a lame offensive line and their defensive line isn’t that great either. Their receiving corps is old and Michael Crabtree just may be the most stupid player to come along in a while. This will be another bad year….again.

 4. St. Louis Rams (1-15) When a team sucks this bad usually you see a lot of guys acting out. You know, drunk driving, domestic abuse and trade demands. But this team doesn’t have those things. It’s like they like sucking. Now I am going to give some love to a former Falcon in Laurent Robinson, he will be the best receiver in St. Louis and while that isn’t saying much (it’s like being the sexiest leaper) it is something. This team is so bad it really just hurts.