NFC North & South NFL season preview


NFC North

The face lift division

 Minnesota Vikings(12-4) The Vikings are just not that much better with Favre, they just aren’t. Now do they have a division winning team? Sure. Will they win the Super Bowl? I doubt it. This team has a great defense and I love Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor and I will say that right now Percy Harvin will be the Offensive Rookie of the Year.  

 Chicago Bears (10-6) They have such a cake schedule it is funny. Look at it and see for yourself . They got a franchise QB for nothing and the Bears will just get better and better as the team get better and better receivers. The secondary is a cause for concern though.

 Green Bay Packers (9-7) Aaron Rodgers kicks ass, sorry he just does. I want to say that the offense is just talented when it comes to their passing game and I cannot wait to see this team play this year. The 3-4 defensive shift is still a question mark until the games start counting but they look good.

 Detroit Lions (2-14) Well it’s better than 0-16 right? This team still stinks but they got a better QB and things could be looking up…. maybe.

NFC South

 Worst to first, not anymore!

 1. Atlanta Falcons (11-5) The Falcons will win the NFC South. Write it down folks it will happen. They will be playing a lot of 34-27 games and more importantly they will be winning them. Mike Smith is a calming influence but it is Thomas Dimitroff and his knowledge of getting quality personnel that will make this team a winner. The schedule is a bear but the NFC South as a whole won’t be as prepared to deal with it as much.

 2. New Orleans Saints(8-8) This team is not designed to win anything other than a fantasy football championship. The defense is improved? OK I’ll buy it when I see it, until then stop telling me how improved they are and show me something. I like Pierre Thomas but he and Reggie Bush seem to be more injured than the Saints are willing to let on. I believe Marques Colston will have a MONSTER year so get him in your fantasy league and give yourself a reason to watch this team.

 3. Carolina Panthers (7-9) A great running back tandem and a defense that is just banged the hell up right now. I will never ever be sold on Jake Delhomme, I think he had one good year and parlayed it into a good contract and the love and adulation of dozens. I think they will run the ball a ton and will score a lot of points but the defense will give them right back.

 4. Tampa Bay Buccanneers (4-12) QB’s galore not one I would want on my team. A defense that is just old and a bunch of banged up receivers makes this just a crappy team. Derrick Brooks was a bad ass and I wish he was still on this team so I could have someone I like down there.