Falcons Fans Should Embrace the Calm


An NFL offseason can be many things to many teams. Tumultous as is the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Uncertain for teams with new head coaches (Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks) or even busy like the Detroit Lions or Cleveland Browns can attest.

One thing you don’t hear an offseason described as very often is calm. But that is exactly what the Atlanta Falcons have experienced.

There hasn’t been a player griping publicly for a new contract or making outlandish trade demands. They haven’t had controversy swirling around off-the-field issues by star players. Their coach isn’t even on the proverbial hot seat!

The most controversial item to come out this offseason was Mike Smith saying he wanted to limit Michael Turner’s carries. Shocker! He said the exact same thing last season too.

While a calm offseason is tough on sportswriters, it is something for fans to embrace. After the Jim Mora/Michael Vick era and the Bobby Petrino/Joey Harrington era, the Falcons were due some calm and this offseason they have found it.

It has allowed the team to focus on improving their team and not spending their time trying to fill holes. The one major need, a pass rush, will definitely be filled in the first round while other key needs (OL, WR, CB) can be addressed in later rounds.

Talented players at key positions are in place. Two defensive backs were added in free agency (Dunta Robinson, Matt Giordano) to improve a leaky pass defense.

Injuries to Matt Ryan and Turner are healed and Harry Douglas appears to be on his way back from his ACL injury.

It is hard to find a glaring weakness the Falcons have not already corrected or won’t correct in the draft. While other teams have been on the front page most of the offseason, the Falcons continue to fly under the radar. Building a champion. Calmly.

What do you think Falcons fans? Have you enjoyed this offseason? Or would you prefer a more high-profile approach? Let me know in the comments or follow me on Twitter.