Thoughts On CFB – Oklahoma vs Texas


Each week, I will attempt to watch at least two college football games in full and post my thoughts here on Blogging Dirty after the game.

First up is the demolition of Texas at the hands of Oklahoma by a score of 55- 17. In truth Texas are not good enough to be ranked #11 in the country and Oklahoma showed them that today. There are several players on both teams that will be of interest come next april and future aprils in the NFL Draft. Let’s take a look at a few.

  • When talking about Oklahoma, you begin with QB Landry Jones. Landry had a good game today and showed why many people bill him as a top 10 pick. I agree that he will be a top 10 pick, not sure if he should be based on his ability, I would say more of a mid first rounder at this point. Do not get confused he is definitely not in the same league as Andrew Luck or even his predecessor Sam Bradford. He plays on a team with a great supporting cast, so you expect big numbers and solid production. A stat pointed out by Lee Corso today on College Gameday was that he has thrown 25 INT’s in 16 games away from his home turf. He has also thrown 5 prior to this game, during this season. Landry Jones needs to get that INT total down before i can give him the “elite status”.
  • The two Oklahoma receivers, WR Kenny Stiles and WR Ryan Broyles, i both love! Broyles has incredible production, crisp route running and the extra dimension of returning ability. That being said his lack of size will prevent him from being drafting in the first round, would be a good draft pick for someone like the Rams at the top of the second (Pair up with former QB Sam Bradford). Kenny Stiles is a scrappy receiver which I love he reminds me so much of Carolina WR Steve Smith, as he pays with a similar mentality.
  • Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis would have been a first round pick if he come out in 2010 and 2011, and he still will be a first round pick in 2012, probably to a team like the Eagles in the middle of the first round, who desperately need linebacker help.
  • Texas Freshman WR Jaxon Shipley impressed me reminds me a lot of his brother. Eager to see how he develops
  • RB Foswhitt Whittaker from Texas was very good with the ball in his hands, shows good awareness and quickness. He knows where the hole is and has the ability to get through it. Although I need to see some more film on him, at this stage he looks like he will be in play in the mid to late rounds.