Falcons vs Lions – A Q&A With SideLion Report


Across the fansided network each week during this season, we will be doing a quick Q&A with the Falcons’ opponents for that week. This week I had a chance to talk with Zac Snyder from SideLion Report about this Sundays match up between the Falcons and Lions.

Blogging Dirty – The Lions have had a very good start to the season. What has been the catalyst for this early season success?

SLR – Mostly talent. The Lions weren’t very good for so many years for a reason: they didn’t have very good players. That has slowly changed over the last two seasons to the point that the group they have now expects to win. The four game winning streak to end last season showed them (even if they already believed it) that they can win. Even with the lockout, the Lions were able to maintain a lot of consistency in their approach and philosophy so they were able to hit the ground running.

BD – With Detroit losing to San Fran last week, and the whole handshake incident. Will this have a big impact on the Lions confidence heading into Sunday.

SLR – I really don’t think so. The Lions don’t need to draw any motivation out of it in order to perform and I don’t expect that it will be a distraction in their preparations for their next game. Everyone is ready to move on.

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BD – Calvin Johnson has been playing out of his mind, do you like him to have a big day against the Falcons?
SLR – I like him to have a big day against any team. He was held out of the end zone for the first time last week but he still had over 100 yards receiving. What is amazing about Calvin Johnson is that his impact extends beyond statistics. He always has a big impact on the game simply by being on the field. Fortunately, the Lions can get production out of other players is a defense wants to double CJ.

BD – Who is a Lions player that Falcons fans aren’t talking about that could be a big factor in Sunday’s game.

SLR – Ndamukong Suh has become the big name along the Lions defensive line but their true strength is they bring pressure in waves. They will likely dress eight defensive lineman and they will all see playing time. You know Suh’s name going in, as you should, but you’re likely to end the game knowing names like Cliff Avril and Sammie Hill among others.

BD – How do the Falcons beat the high-flying Lions on Sunday?

SLR – Michael Turner will have to be very productive and Matt Ryan will have to be accurate and opportunistic. Frank Gore was able to gash the Lions for yards on the ground in leading the 49ers to victory and Matt Forte got his fair share for the Bears the week before. The Falcons will need a balanced approach to shorten the game rather than trying to beat the Lions in a shootout.

BD – Predictions for the game. Please give a score.

SLR – This is a game that I expected the Lions to lose when the schedule came out but the Lions and Falcons have looked like teams going in opposite directions since the regular season began. I think it will be a very tough game and will likely be within a field goal but I can’t see the Lions dropping a second consecutive home game. The Lions will have a great crowd on hand and they feel a responsibility to reward them with a good performance. Lions 27, Falcons 24