Falcons Dismantle Jaguars On Thursday Night Football 41-14


From the first kick this game was never in doubt. After a quick confident first drive by the Falcons, the Falcons were left with a 3rd and medium well inside Jags territory. Enter Star WR Julio Jones on a crossing route, who caught the ball and took it all the way through the secondary for a touchdown showing off the great 4.3 speed this kid has.

After a Falcons FG, the lead was up to 10, and the Falcons were forced to punt the ball after a sub-par drive from the Falcons offense. Punter Matt Bosher boomed the ball, hanging it up in the air for what seemed to be an age, forcing a nervous Jaguar Jared Dillard to muff the catch in the wake of the Falcons gunners getting on top of him. The fumble got away from Dillard and was recovered inside the Jags 10 yard line, by the one and the only Sean Weatherspoon, who decided to make a big play of Special Teams last night as well as the usual on Defense.

One play later the ball was in the endzone thanks to some great blocking on a Michael Turner TD run, taking the Falcons up by 17-0. The Falcons continued their offensive success midway through the second half on another scoring drive out of the no huddle. The drive was finished with a TD catch by Roddy White, on a pass seemingly headed for Tony Gonzalez. Matt said it best in the post game interview, that my only pick tonight was by Roddy White!

Up 24-0 and rolling, it was time for a big defensive play from the Falcons, with thanks to John Abraham forcing a sack fumble on the anemic Blaine Gabbert, and after a big of scuffling the ball, it was recovered by LB Curtis Lofton. With the ball well inside Jaguars territory, the Falcons were forced to settle for a FG meaning their lead was 27-0 at halftime.

The onslaught continued in the second half, with another strip sack fumble from John Abraham (who will definitely earn his wings this week on BD) and recovery and run after for TD by DT Corey Peters, the Falcons were up 34-0 and cruising.

Another easy drive for the Falcons made it 41-0 soon after due to Roddy White’s 2nd TD catch of the evening.

The only real blemish on a fine evening was a blocked punt, the first of Matt Bosher’s career, which was recovered by Jacksonville for a touchdown to give Jacksonville their first points of the evening.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Falcons began to pull some of their starters including Abraham, Ryan and White and began to settle in and ride the game out.

The Falcons are getting hot at just the right time and with 11 days to prepare for New Orleans on MNF, maybe some of the injured Falcons such as Brent Grimes and Kelvin Hayden will also be able to get out there for that game.

Go Falcons!