NFC Playoff Information For Sunday’s Games


The NFC Playoff picture is beginning to take shape. With the Falcons winning on TNF, we still control our own destiny and are awaiting some potential slip ups from our playoff rivals today, to make it even easier for our Falcons.

The Giants face the Redskins and even with a victory they pose little threat in terms of a wild card position because of their poor conference record, the Falcons would still hold a 1 game lead with a Giants win and have the tie breaker to boot. The G-Men are focusing on winning the NFC East title at the moment, but that will not likely be decided until the Giants face the Cowboys in week 17.

Chicago are a concern at this stage sitting only 1 game back and they hold the tie breaker over us. They face Seattle today, who are starting to get hot and have a real shot at making the playoffs themselves if they win out. If Chicago were too lose today, the Falcons are pretty much locked in as a wild card.

The battle for the 5th seed, is on Detroit’s minds today as they travel to Oakland. Sitting at 8-5, this is pretty much a must win given they still have to play San Diego and Green Bay in the final two weeks. While they hold the tie breaker over Dallas, they would lose out to Atlanta if they were to finish with the same record.

Looking higher up the current seeds in the NFC, New Orleans play the Vikings today at home. Whether the Saints win or lose, this game is still pretty insignificant in terms of the NFC South race, that is because of tie breakers. Regardless of what happens for the Saints today, the key games are in the final two weeks of the season. Obviously we face New Orleans on MNF next week, so if we have any chance to win the NFC South we must win that game. We would then also need to beat Tampa Bay and for New Orleans to lose to Carolina at home in week 17, which would give us both a record of 11-5 and we would hold the tie-breaker on the basis of record against divisional opponents.

If the Saints were to lose today, lose to us and then beat the Panthers, they would still win the division, even if we win out, as they would have the tie breaker for record against common opponents.

San Francisco play on Monday Night against the Steelers and a loss for the 49ers could mean the Saints and even the Falcons have a shot at a first round bye.

Go Falcons!

and Seahawks and Raiders! Just for Today.