The Fallout From The Falcons Playoff Loss – The Coaches


Many regular readers, will have noticed that I did not write a game report yesterday. That  was purely because i was so angry and disgusted in the aftermath of the 24-2 defeat to the New York Giants, i could not write something constructive, in my state of mind.

We all know that the Falcons blew it and were embarrassed by a 9-7 team. Over the next few days, i will take a look at each area of the team and see how this heartbreaking loss affects the team heading forward. As the coaching staff is the hot topic right now they will get the first crack of the whip.

Head Coach Mike Smith – Smith had a very poor game managing the team yesterday, I would say arguably his worst as Falcons HC. The 4th down calls were obviously not the right thing to do but he wasn’t helped by Mularkey (Will get to him in a minute) calling dumb ass plays on those 4th downs. There is no way Smith gets the axe, he is love by the players and it would be a stupid move to get rid of Smith. While Smith will be safe, some of his staff will be on the chopping block.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey – How can you call an entire game with the bundles of talent we have on the field and not score a single point! I’m not claiming to be the next great coach but even me drunk should of been able to conjurer up at least 7. It is incredibly embarrassing. While some team may make the worst decision possible for their franchise and hire Mularkey as their HC, I don’t think it matters, he will get the sack from us regardless. Someone has to take the fall for this debacle and Mularkey should and will be the fall guy.

Defensive Coordinator Brian Van Gorder –  With BVG, i’m firmly on the fence right now. He called a great first half against the Giants, but has also had moments where has been abused i.e. Saints in week 16. While i would potentially like to see a change, there are not many candidates out there i would prefer. Stev Spagnuolo could be an option after his firing by the Rams. Another option I’ve been contemplating is a switch to a 3-4. I will be doing a post looking at this in the next few days assessing whether it is a real possibility. Whether Smith and Dmitroff entertain that idea is another question. At the moment i would say i’m about 60% sure that BVG will be back next year. *Update – BVG has left to become the DC at Auburn University. Full report coming on BD.

Special Teams Keith Armstrong – Keith has done a great job this year bringing the kicking and coverage game along. Matt Bryant has been dominant in field goal kicking and Matt Bosher has continued to improve as a Punter and a kickoff specialist. Productivity out of the return game (both punts and kickoffs) will need to be addressed but Armstrong will be the guy to address these problems.