Blogging Dirty Sits Down With Warrick Dunn!


Blogging Dirty had the real honour last week of having a telephone conversation with Falcons great Warrick Dunn, while he was in Indianopolis for the Superbowl. A massive thank you to Warrick for taking the time to speak to us. The transcipt of the highlights from our chat is below.

Blogging Dirty – Hi Warrick first off thanks a lot for taking the time to speak to us today; we are absolutely delighted to have you on Blogging Dirty. First off, I’m sure you’ve had one eye on the Falcons this past season. What were your thoughts on the Falcons’ up and down season? Ultimately what do you think went wrong?

Warrick Dunn – I think it was a team with a lot of talent that just needs to learn to play as a more cohesive unit.  As a part owner, I try to watch all the games I can and I really just think we’ve got to learn to be consistent – that takes time, but we’ll get there.

BD – Looking ahead for the Falcons in 2012 and beyond. What do the Falcons have to do in order to reach the ultimate goal and win a Superbowl?

WD – Basically what I said above to be honest – we have a lot of really solid players and some game changers.  We just have to get everyone on the same page and continue to play hard.  If we do t hat, things will work out.

BD – I’m sure you’ve been watching exciting young Falcons RB Jacquizz Rodgers, who reminds me a bit of yourself when you were in Atlanta (Although you definitely had a few inches on him!). Just wanted to get your thoughts on him and do you see any similarities between you two?

WD – Really just one thought – potential.  A TON of potential.  He’s quick and a good young player. If he keeps improving – watch out.

BD – Moving away from football now for a minute, I hear this week you are in Indy on behalf of the Crown Royals Heroes Project. Was hoping you could let our readers know what is the project all about? And what drove you to get involved?

WD – Indianapolis has been awesome.  The atmosphere has been electric and it’s been great to partner with Crown Royal to encourage people to honor heroes through their “Your Hero’s Name Here” project.  Basically, Crown Royal is going to name one of the biggest races in NASCAR this year after a hero – the race is here in Indianapolis so the Super Bowl was the perfect spot to announce it – and that hero will become an instant celebrity.  I got involved because my mom was a police officers who was killed in the line of duty so honor heroes is really important to me.  I would definitely urge all your Falcon readers to visit the Crown Royal Facebook page and enter on the Crown Your Hero section.

BD – I’ve been aware of the Warrick Dunn Foundations and the Homes for the Holidays programmes and I would like to offer my thanks and congratulations for doing such as great job in the community with. I know our readers would love to hear how these charities are progressing and if there is anything new and exciting coming up for these organisations?

WD – We actually just helped out a couple families with housing assistance and I’m very blessed to have a platform like this to help out.  Definitely keep an ear out for what we’re up to and pitching in whenever you can – every little bit helps.

BD – The Falcons organisation obviously means a lot to you to drive you to becoming a minority owner. How much are you involved in the day to day decision making process? Also we see the public side of Arthur Blank not so much how he deals with the business side of the Falcons, what’s he like to work with?

WD – Arthur is great to work with – I actually just saw him out here in Indianapolis and gave him a big hug.  He cares a lot about this organization and that makes him easier to work with and play for when you’re on the field.

BD – Thanks Warrick, I really appreciate you taking the time. All the best for the future.