Another Story Regarding Roddy White’s Twitter


Falcons WR Roddy White has unsurprisingly caused some storylines via his twitter account. In the wake of Roger Goodell getting an extension through 2018 worth approximitley $20 million a year. He tweeted yesterday “How in the hell can u pay a man this much money that cant run tackle or catch,” White wrote, posting a link to a story which referenced the Sports Business Journal’s report on Goodell’s compensation.

“Roger Goodell is getting over never seen anything like it 20 million for looking over the league with tremendous help I guess the NFL is banking,” he continued. “The NFL is not a company it’s a nonprofit organization that makes a lot of profit.”

Roddy continued on when a follower pointed out he is the head man of a global organisation and could deserve that kind of salary. “Thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard the players make this league dont ever forget that,” he wrote.

Interestingly, Falcons owner Arthur Blank is the chairman of the NFL compensation committee that approved Goodell’s extension through the 2018 season.

One of White’s followers asked the receiver in a tweet if he expected to be fined for questioning Goodell’s salary.

“I hope not im praying not i need my money,” he wrote.

In a way, i agree that Goodell doesn’t deserve quite that much money, but i am glad that he was extended as he is doing a great job of promoting the NFL to all time popularity in the US and around the world.

However, this twitter tirade by Roddy was not the cleverest thing he could of done. While i respect his opinion and as a follower of @roddywhitetv i love it when he gets involved on twitter. He doesn’t need to be getting involved in this debate.

It also goes to show that Roddy is a unique character in our locker room. Since Dimitroff and Smith came in, having good character from all players coming in has been a neccessity. The Falcons have also dispensed with talented players that do not have the same attitude to the rest of the locker room, e.g. DeAngelo Hall.

Roddy White’s exceptional talent has prevented the Falcons from doing any moves. Creating a simple cost benefit analysis of the situation, his talent (benefits) far outway the potential negatives his character could cause. Being honest i can’t see him being a negative influence in the locker room at all, it just seems his personality doesn’t quite fit the prototypical Atlanta Falcon.

An interesting debate point is would the current Falcons reigime of ever selected Roddy White? Remember he was drafted by the Jim Mora & Rich McKay led staff.

What are your guys thoughts on Roddy White’s latest incident with Twitter? Post your thoughts in the comments box below.