The Hot Read: Randy Moss a Falcon?


Randy Moss has made it clear that he intends on playing football in the NFL  next season.  As many of you know, Randy Moss retired prior to the past season after a rather disappointing end to his 2010 season in which he played for three different teams.  He started out that season with the Patriots but was later traded to the Vikings.  Many thought this would be good for both the Vikings and Moss as he was a fan favorite for many years in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, after only a few weeks Randy Moss was released and subsequently claimed by the Tennessee Titans.  His season ended with Moss being somewhat of a non-factor for the Titans.  This led Moss to make his decision to retire from football.

With the news that Moss plans a return to the NFL, many people have begun to speculate which teams might be interested.  I to begun to think about which teams might be interested.  In my opinion, I believe that the addition of Randy Moss could greatly benefit the Falcons and Matt Ryan.  I also believe that the idea of signing Randy Moss would also be great because the Falcons do not have many draft picks for the upcoming draft as a consequence from the draft day trade last season that led to Julio Jones becoming a Falcon.  There are several other reasons that I believe signing Randy Moss would be a good idea and I will go into further detail of my reasons now.

The first reason is that he will greatly improve our passing game.  Even though he has been out of football for a year, he is still a dominant threat that every defense will have to scheme towards.  Also, adding him will also make an already dangerous receiving core even more dangerous.  Just imagine having Roddy White and Julio Jones on the outside and Moss as a slot receiver and Tony G. at tightend.  If this can actually happen, there will not be a single defense in the NFL that will be able to stop Matt Ryan and that receiving core.

Another good reason for adding Moss is the fact that we could probably get him at a somewhat discounted price being that he has been out of football for a year.  At age 35, Moss is somewhat old compared to NFL standards but he has something that can not be taught and that is height.  Even at an advanced NFL age, Moss is still taller than many receivers and all defensive backs in the league.  Even though it is possible that he has lost a step, as a slot receiver he can still be a major problem for any defense.  Signing Moss will allow the Falcons front office to worry more about the defensive side of the ball during the upcoming draft.

There has also been speculation that Terrel Owens wants to return to football this year.  And many people have compared Moss and Owens and debated which player would be a better suit.  In my opinion, Moss is the better fit for any team has he is not coming off major knee surgery like Owens is.  Also, along with being out of football for a year and recovering from said knee surgery, Owens is also several years older than Moss.  So for these reasons I believe that Moss is a better bet and I also believe that he would be a great fit for the Falcons team next season.