The Hot Read: Should the Falcons Sign Hines Ward


Ever since the Steelers announced that they were going to release veteran receiver Hines Ward, there has been a lot of speculation about what he will do next.  Some people have suggested that he retire as a Steeler, while others have suggested he go to another team and finish out his career the way he wants.  Each of these are very valid suggestions.  I am one of the people who want him to go somewhere else and that somewhere is the Atlanta Falcons.

As a young man growing up in Georgia, I had the privileged of watching Hines Ward play football every Saturday for the University of Georgia.  The way he played the game was amazing.  He was and is the poster boy for playing hard but legal.  He brought this style of play into the NFL when he was drafted by the Steelers in 1998 in the third round.  Someone who does not know much about Hines might ask, why was he drafted so low if he was such a great player? One reason why is because during his college career Hines played many different positions.  In the eyes of the NFL scouts he was good at everything but great at nothing.  This adversity helped propel him to be one of the greatest NFL receivers of all time.

As a Pittsburgh Steeler, Hines has accumulated an incredible NFL resume that should lead him to Canton, Ohio.  He is a 2-time Super Bowl Champion, a Super Bowl MVP, and he leads the Steelers in just about every career receiving category there is.  Basically, for his entire career Hines has been the face of the Steeler Nation.  A smiling face in fact.  And now that he has been released the question that looms is, what should he do now.

In my opinion, I think he should sign with the Falcons for one year.  I know some people might think this to be a waste of salary space but it is not.  The front office could probably get Hines for 2 or 3 million dollars max..  And with Hines you are getting more than just a football player.  You are getting an Icon of the game and a great mentor for some of the younger guys in the locker room.  Just imagine having Hines and Tony G. as mentors for the rookies and second year players.  Their knowledge of the game and attitude towards life would be a great asset for the team. Also, I would just love to see Hines Ward as a Falcon.

Also, how can you not want to sign a man that won DWTS. I mean the guy has got moves. lol