Final Notes from Falcons Minicamp


Today’s Falcons post will be fairly brief and succinct in comparison to the normal post, but there are some topics that need to be covered. Here they are:

During training camp on August 6th, the Falcons will hold a combined practice/scrimmage with the Tennessee Titans.  The scrimmage will be held on a high school field in Dalton, which is near the Georgia/Tennessee border. If you remember from last season, the Falcons had a combined practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars, so this sort of thing isn’t out of the ordinary. As an added blessing, the Titans are not a team we will face in 2012, so that certainly removes an hesitation from beginning something like this.

Apparently pundits in the Atlanta area are claiming that Michael Turner is overweight, something that Turner himself denies. I don’t know who started these rumors, and I obviously have no way to confirm or dispel those rumors. However, if you remember Michael Turner did gain some weight during the 2009 season, and dealt with some injuries that season. His teammates noted that he was looking more slim and athletic coming into the 2010 season, and we all know that he performed very well in that season. I don’t think Turner would allow himself to put on excess weight again, especially after it certainly contributed to the delinquency of his play in 2009. He is naturally a boulder looking guy, so it’s hard to tell if he has packed on the pounds.

Julio Jones won the Falcons minicamp MVP award. He was outstanding during the 3 day camp, and I would expect nothing less from our 2011 1st round pick.