News and Notes Surrounding Falcons Training Camp Day 5


Throughout training camp I am going to try to have my own perspectives, along with a collection of all the best writing on the Atlanta Falcons that I can get my hands on. I’ll be zipping along links to you here in these Training Camp posts. Here are what I have for today:

It seems like all anyone can talk about when saying things about Matt Ryan is that he has clearly bulked up and gained additional muscle mass. Most of them (with the exception of our own Cameron Adamczyk) are not qualified to speak to Ryan’s increased arm strength, or either were not there in person. Pat Yasinskas has noted that he intends to keep an eye on Ryan’s newly developed arm strength, that while more than sufficient to this point, is being improved. I would also instruct you to follow Albert Breer on Twitter. He had this to say about Matt Ryan: “Matt Ryan has packed on 5-7 pound of muscle, dropped 2-3% body fat, and worked on core strength. Hope is he better in Jan for it.” Also, we have our very own Cam Adamczyk who visited Atlanta Falcons Training Camp yesterday and posted his observations here. I won’t spoil everything he had to say, but I can tell you this much: Matt Ryan’s arm is truly stronger according to him.

There has been a lot of talk about the Falcons offense coming together under Dirk Koetter, and everyone describes his offense as a ‘vertical passing attack’. That may be well and true during the regular season and in the preseason during the games, but we can be assured we will run plenty of underneath routes will. Once again, Cam writes about it.

The Atlanta Falcons official site had a piece about Matt Ryan’s potential fantasy value in 2012, given the new offense, improved line, more experience with Julio Jones, etc. You can also check out Blogging Dirty’s very own take on the topic right here.

The second theme that has been running amok throughout the offseason is the impending ‘breakout’ of Falcon linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. It seems like everywhere I turn, there is another pundit calling for his rise. I cannot disagree; Weatherspoon is a tremendous talent, and ready to arrive. The AJC writes that the Falcons defense is counting on him making big plays. Blogging Dirty also has its own take on ‘Spoon spelling impending doom for opposing offenses.