Blogging Dirty Falcons vs. Saints Staff Predictions


Nov 4, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) throws a pass in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Here are Blogging Dirty’s weekly staff predictions, this week analyzing the contest between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints:

Sergio Jewell: The Falcons have a chip on their shoulder from being swept by the Saints last season. Saints have too many problems in the secondary to slow the receivers down and Mike Nolan finds a way to slow down Brees. Falcons play their best football of the regular season this game…

Falcons 42- Saints 24

Ian Borders: I think this game will be a casual fans dream…lots of offense…lots of touchdowns…both teams are solid when it comes to creating and pushing forward long drives…I think whoever wins the possession game wins.

Falcons 38- Saints 35

Cam Adamczyk: I feel this is a new chapter in the Saints-Falcons rivalry. The Saints have dominated the series the past few years. I feel the game will come down to the passing game. Like I said, I feel the Falcons have the edge in that category. I have to take the hot Falcons over the struggling Saints.

Falcons 28- Saints 24

Tim Shepard: The Saints may end up with the worst defense in NFL history. The Falcons have begun their ascent to the NFL elite. Brees will have a big day but Atlanta’s opportunistic defense will score twice.

Falcons 35- Saints 24

John Dunlap: Falcons 31- Saints 24

Greg Huseth: It’s true the Saints have the worst defense in the NFL, and it’s bordering on historically bad. The Falcons have a top of the line offense, and a solid yet opportunistic defense to match. The key is that while New Orleans defense is miserable, their offense is nearly as potent as it ever has been. I think the Falcons will move the ball really well on the Saints, but New Orleans will move the ball well also. The Saints will also get one critical stop and force a Falcons punt– the deciding possession in the game.

Falcons 28- Saints 30