The Start of the 2013 NFL Season


It is Ironic that in the 2012 NFL season started by replacement referees that created a outcry for the real
Field judges after the September Monday night game in Seattle against Green Bay that the no call of holding against Crabtree in the end zone from the elite pro ‘Zebras’ ended the season with a Baltimore win in the Super Bowl over San Francisco, and closure to the 2012 National football league has come. Full speed ahead to the 2013 season, for that’s how sports are carried on, especially if your not the one team of thirty two that has the victory parade at your city. The Ravens victory snaps a mini run by the National Football Conference, with two of the last three winners, ( G.B., N.Y.,) along with the San Francisco team that has just represented the conference being the culprits that eliminated the Atlanta Falcons from possibly having the parade in Atlanta, where some folks still debate on what a new stadium could bring to a city needing such a new venue , and how much the Falcons have meant to shining a National light on the Georgia capitol. I thought it a bad reflection on the City when they lost the Thrashers, but this is Football Country deep in the South and why any resistance to a new nest is questioned really shows “a mind with horse blinders” view. It is little consolation that the Falcons have come so close to getting to the Super Bowl by getting beat by the teams to play in the bowl over the last three years, but shows promise for a very good team that plays without question in the toughest conference in the NFL.
So now we guess what the Falcons will do in Free agency and some eighty days from now at the Draft, (Being a Braves fan will make the time pass), where they will have a full arsenal of draft picks. Being so close to the Bowl means that the work is minuscule compared to when Dimitroff, Smith and Ryan came on board five years ago. I won’t and most can’t play out the transactions that are to unfold in the next couple of months with releases, signings, trades, and the very important draft. Being a Falcon Fan since Tommy Nobis was taken with our first pick, and witnessing the success the organization has had over the past five years, I have total blind faith in the Birds head trust, especially now that Nolan and Dirk have come on board, that the right tweaks and moves will be made to the point I will concentrate only on the Second round pick exclusively. The Atlanta Generals will diligently cover every bit of film, stat sheet, player bio, academic and game smarts, and probably eating habits of players they will concentrate on and since they are paid to do so, why waste time on who they sign and what they do with the 30th pick in the draft for it will be the right choice no doubt in this Fans book. Somewhere somehow they will get a pass rusher, and since I feel Tony may still come back, or Coffman and another combo can make the tight end priority of lesser concern, and with defensive adds in later rounds obvious, it is the second round pick I’m focused on in obtaining a Offensive Guard to make the line in front of a already dangerous offense better. I will be surprised if the draft is not defensive orientated, and except a review of Harry Douglas role and future, (Wes Welker too expensive?), the offense largest need is a hole opening tough as Dahl guard.
The rushing game took a step back in 2012, notably in Dirk’s new scheme and Ryan’s work with the best passing options in the league, but it is still essential in protecting leads, keeping the defense honest, eating up minutes of clock and vital short yardage situations. The tandem of Turner and Jaquizz were not the problem, they were as far apart on the scale of style and technique as any rushers can be, yet this part of the offense was a year long problem no matter what the head trust devised each week. You would have to then point to the offensive line, who did an adequate job in pass protection for the most part, but were not close to sustaining any muscle for a ground attack. So, with the second round pick in the 2013 draft, and realizing that Cooper from North Carolina and Warmack from Alabama will probably be gone by the 60th pick, I suggest the birds pick either Barrett Jones from Alabama or Larry Warford of Kentucky. Jones is smart and
a versatile two position offensive lineman, a valued piece for any offense, and at 6’-5” and over three hundred pounds just the right size to help this area of need. The Bama run game was impressive in the SEC championship against the Bulldogs and Jones was one big reason. Being form the crimson tide carries the NFL near ready trademark. Warford played on a not so successful team but still managed a good career for himself, especially noted by the scouts in his senior season. At 6’-3” and a massive three hundred forty pounds, he is still considered athletic, and did well in pass protection. We can’t argue with those traits.
These are two kids from good schools, have appeared on first and second all SEC teams, that I feel with the second round pick can contribute to an area we need, can open up a possible shift by Konz, add great depth, and inject youth for the future as well on the Birds offensive line. I trust Smith and Nolan will improve the defense, and what a wonderful season to come if the Ryan express with Dirk at the helm has a rushing game that can be a little better than it was in 2012, because when you were only Ten yards away from a trip to the Super Bowl, a little improvement could mean a ticker tape parade.