Best and Worst Case Scenario for the Upcoming Falcons Schedule


Jan 13, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons fans wave flags during the NFC divisional playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Today the long awaited full schedule times will be released for the Atlanta Falcons! Today we’ll be able to start planning our trips and vacations in the fall and winter, but before then, let’s theorize what it could be.  The schedule may very well make or break the falcons this year so I’ll let you know the best and worse possibilities.  I wanted to theorize a couple days ago, but due to end-of-class busy work, I was unable to post this until today.

First, let’s look at the teams we’ll be playing this year.


Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Seattle, New England, N.Y. Jets, Washington


Carolina, New Orleans, Tamp Bay, Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo, Miami, Green Bay

It’s safe to say the falcons have a considerably more difficult schedule this coming up year than last year.  5 of the upcoming opponents were in the playoffs last year as opposed to only 2 last season.  There are tough road games and tough opponents coming to the Dome to test the Falcon’s home strength.  First, let’s look at the worst possible case scenario in my opinion.

Week 1: @San Fransisco

Week 2: @New Orleans

Week 3: Washington

Week 4: @Miami

Week 5: BYE

Week 6: Seattle

Week 7: Carolina

Week 8: @Tampa Bay

Week 9: @ Arizona

Week 10: New Orleans

Week 11: St. Louis

Week 12: @Carolina

Week 13: N.Y. Jets

Week 14: New England

Week 15: @Buffalo

Week 16: Tampa Bay

Week 17: @Green Bay

This Schedule is horrendous.  Opening the season in San Francisco without having much film to beat a very potent Offense and Defense won’t give Atlanta a very good start.  Immediately following a road game to New Orleans would probably put Atlanta in a 0-2 hole and demoralized. Washington may be able to pull an upset over a falling team in the Dome. An Early Bye doesn’t give them an effective rest for a long hard uphill season especially starting out against Seattle. Atlanta would win a few more games, but a bleeding team playing New England at home would spell disaster.  Following that with a very cold match up with Buffalo and a season finale against Green Bay in January won’t leave very much optimism going into the offseason.

Best case scenario: 11-5

Worst Case scenario: 7-9

But I love to be Optimistic, so let’s look at the best case scenario

Week 1: St. Louis

Week 2: @ Green Bay

Week 3: @ Arizona

Week 4: Carolina

Week 5: Seattle

Week 6: @Tampa Bay

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: @ San Francisco

Week 9: New Orleans

Week 10:  @ Buffalo

Week 11: @ Carolina

Week 12: New England

Week 13: @ New Orleans

Week 14: N.Y. Jets

Week 15: Tampa Bay

Week 16: @ Miami

Week 17: Washington

This is a great schedule.  Starting off with a home opener against Steven Jackson’s old team should prove a fun match up. Following an early and warm Green Bay game, the strong and fearless Falcons soar to 2-0 with Arizona and Carolina on the radar.  Going into the Seattle game at 4-0 should prove an advantage. Coming off an entire week to prepare and possibly being undefeated to go to San Francisco with plenty of enough tape would be great for the falcons, boosting amazing amounts of confidence and recognition, something very valuable when playing New Orleans in the Dome the following week.  Coming out of a great first half, facing the Patriots at home should be a challenge, but a challenge the possibly already 10 win team welcomes. Several late home games and a trip to the always beautiful Miami should land the Falcons with a first round BYE into the postseason.

Worst Case Scenario: 9-7

Best Case Scenario: 14-2 (I may be a dreamer, but given that schedule and an improved team with many smart offseason moves, this is certainly a possibility).

I’ll compare these best and worst case scenarios with the schedule released later tonight and release my analysis tomorrow.