Atlanta Falcons 1st Half Schedule Predictions


Even though we are still 4 months away from the 2013 season getting underwait’s never too early to predict how well the Atlanta Falcons will do next year starting with the first half of the season.

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

The dirty birds begin their 2013 season on the road and even more interesting, against the rival Saints. Sean Payton will be returning to coach the Saints making this game a little bit unpredictable. I see both teams playing to prove they’re the top dog in the NFC South but this will be the first game back after a very disappointing loss last year in the NFC Championship game for Atlanta. So I have to give the edge to the Falcons it will be a fun game to watch but I think Atlanta takes it 28-24 WIN

St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta will get their home opener in week 2 but whats more important than that is they will raise their NFC South Championship banner before the game. The biggest story however will be Steven Jackson playing against his former team. Look for Jackson to have a huge impact in this game even though it wasn’t a messy break for either side Steven Jackson will work extra hard in this game to beat his former team. Atlanta will have a strong game against the Rams taking the victory 27-13WIN

Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins

Miami has made a ton of noise this offseason and has really improved their roster. The experience of Matt Ryan will be the difference maker in this game though if you ask me. I do see Mike Wallace having a big game though which will make it close but Atlanta wins 24-17 WIN

New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons

Prime time begins in week 4 against the always dangerous Patriots.Tom Brady vs Matt Ryan, Present vs Future. A huge game for the Falcons and if Atlanta wants to win they are going to have to have a great game offensively. Atlanta wont win this game if they don’t pressure Brady and I don’t see this happening therefore I have to give this game to New England 31-21 LOSS

New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons

Back to back home games meet back to back prime time game for the Georgia Dome in week 5. Jets are a somewhat broken team and they have to come across an Atlanta team who just played one of the best teams in the NFL a week earlier. It all spells out a butt whooping for the Jets. I see this being the game that pushes Sanchez out as the starter we might even see Geno at some point in this game but it will be all about Atlanta winning 31-10. WIN

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons

This is a game I could have seen being harder to pick if the circumstances were not so much in the Dirty Birds Favor. Atlanta will play this game in week 7 following their bye week, t will also be 4 weeks since the team has had to travel away from the Georgia Dome. It makes this game a no brainer, Atlanta will show their dominance even if the “good” Buccaneers team shows up for this one. The Falcons take control early and finish strong beating the Bucs 27-17 WIN

Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals

The Falcons take flight after a month at home to take on the Cardinals. Matt Ryan had his worst two games last season against the Cardinals and against Carson Palmer.Now that the two are together this does seem to be trouble for the Falcons but I think Matt Ryan makes adjustments and has a better game. I do see a close game here even though the Cardinals are nowhere near as good as Atlanta but I am gonna give Atlanta the fourth quarter victory    24-20. WIN

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Atlanta will travel back east for back to back road games to finish the first half of the season. Cam Newton played great against the Falcons last year but Atlanta has spent time learning how to stop running QB’s this offseason, It all comes down to stopping Cam in this one. Matt will put up points but if Cam has his way with our defense again this year it is his game to win. I have to go with my gut and say the research in the offseason pays off enough to get the ‘W’ 28-24. WIN

The Atlanta Falcons have obviously a tougher schedule then last year but they are still arguably more talented than every team they face this season. I think every game will come down to the Falcons winning or the Falcons letting other teams beat them. No team in the first half of the season should be able to beat Atlanta if they play to their potential. At worst see a 5-3 record after 8 games but definitely there is the chance we see another 8-0 record this season. Only time will tell though.

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