Atlanta Falcons 2nd Half Schedule Predictions


This is how I think the second half of the season will shape up for the Atlanta Falcons…

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons

A playoff rematch is big for the Falcons, this is one of those games that will earn them respect if they can win it. With great offenses on both sides this game will be about who plays better defensively. Who can get the big stops will be the deciding factor in this one. Even though this game is at home and i hate to say this, I am going to give this game to the Hawks. They are gonna have that chip on their shoulder and win a good game 27-21 LOSS

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa will be at home in this one which will give them a better shot the second time around. Division games can also be tricky because your record doesn’t matter as much. This is the worst team in the division though if you ask me so I don’t see them besting the Falcons. Atlanta takes this one 21-17 WIN

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Thursday Night was very interesting between these teams last year to say the least. Eggs thrown at the Saints us, 4 interceptions from Drew Brees and his Touchdown streak finally ended. I wonder what is going to be in store this year at the Georgia Dome for the Thursday night rematch. The Saints publicly stated they think of Atlanta as their little brother early last season. Atlanta countered by beating them up the next time the two teams met. More of that to come this year, I think Atlanta finally gets the best of their rivals this year and take 2 wins. 31-17 WIN

Atlanta Falcons @ Buffalo Bills

Oh Canada! Being from Canada I can not wait to see this game. It will be the first cold weather game of the season for the Falcons which will be about the only factor working against them in this one. Unless CJ Spiller can rush for 300 yards and 4 TD’s I don’t see it happening for the Bills. 17-7 WIN

Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers

Two games on the road in cold weather for the Falcons Spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
Especially when its Aaron Rodgers working against you. Don’t get me wrong however, I think it is very possible for Atlanta to win this game but I am gonna give it to Green Bay 24-14 LOSS

Washington Redskins @ Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons will be beat up by week 15 but RGIII should be worse.The Redskins might even get conservative in this game and try to keep the young QB from tucking and running the ball. Atlanta played a sound game against Washington on the road last year so I am gonna take them on the road. 28-20 WIN

Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers

Players and fans alike are circling this game on the calendar, including myself. I plan on going to this game and i expect the victory for the same reason I picked Seattle to beat us. Hands down this is the single most important game on the schedule this year; away from home, late in the season, potential home field advantage on the line and a rematch of the NFC championship game last season. This one is going to be a thriller and its hard to pick with it coming so late in the season. I am very confident though if the Atlanta Falcons are in good shape they will make this game their best of the season winning it 31-17. WIN

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

After another sub par season for the panthers I see them trying to finish strong against Atlanta. Depending on The playoff implications I see Atlanta resting their starters in the 2nd half opening the door for Carolina to take this one 24-17. LOSS

I Just want everyone to know I am going off of what I see the team doing for the entire season. I am picking Atlanta to go 13-3 (even though I have them losing 4), I am-picking a 5-1 division record and i see them splitting games between the Seahawks and the 49ers. This is just a breakdown of how I see the season playing out to get us to that point. I think the Atlanta Falcons have the potential to do better but also with injuries or poor play do worse. Who knows in the NFL only time will tell

Give me your feedback, I  am curious to see how other fans see the season going for the falcons.

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