Too Early for Predictions: Steven Jackson Continued


Oct 16, 2011; Green Bay, WI, USA; St. Louis running back Steven Jackson (39) attempts to evade Green Bay Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop (55) after Jackson caught a pass from Rams quarterback Sam Bradford during the second half of the game at Lambeau Field. The Packers defeated the Rams 24-3. Mandatory Credit: Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we looked at how Steven Jackson may perform in the 2013 season, but we only looked at his rushing ability.  As we all know, Steven Jackson is a very versatile back.  Not only is he fast, he’s powerful.  Not only can he run, he can catch with some of the best hands a back in the NFL has.  Today, we’ll look at receiving.  Let’s see what he did with the Rams last year:

38 Receptions with 321 yards at 8.4 yards per catch.  That’s exceptional for a running back.  Something interesting to keep in mind is Jacquizz Rodgers had 53 receptions for 402 yards.  Both Rodgers and Jackson are also great at picking up the blitz in pass blocking.  In all reality, when looking at the intangibles, the Quizz is just a short SJAX.

Atlanta loves to throw to their running back if he can catch it.  Jacquizz sometimes seemed more like a slot receiver than a running back.  Jackson can supply that versatility alongside Rodgers and I’m willing to bet we see a lot more passing to Jackson than he has ever had, maybe even more than his 2006 season where he had 90 passes and 806 yards.  Defenses won’t know what to expect when Jackson is on the field.  He could block, he could go catch a pass, he could run it up the middle, and he could run it outside.  If given the right opportunity, Jackson could be outstanding for the Falcons this coming year, especially in the passing department.

With a better quarterback, Jackson will be able to catch more passes.  With a pass happy team, he’ll be able to really show his awesome catching ability.  Jackson will absolutely and unequivocally thrive in this offense.  He seems like the most complete answer Atlanta could have picked up this off-season.  I’m predicting a ground-breaking season like this:

80 catches, 750 yards at 9.4 yards per catch.  I believe that Steven Jackson will have the kind of season that makes fans love him as much as they love Tony Gonzalez.  In two years, when his contract is up, fans will be begging him to come back for a few more seasons.  It may sound like I’m being optimistic, and I may be, but I believe that Steven Jackson’s skill sets are a perfect match for Atlanta.  He’ll be able to do things here that he may not be able to do on other teams.  I’m very excited to see him play in the red and black.

What do you think Steven Jackson will do for the Passing game?  Am I right, or just hopeful?