Atlanta Falcons Have No Window


Jun 14, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith watches the game between the Atlanta Braves and the San Francisco Giants during the third inning at Turner Field. The Giants defeated the Braves 6-0. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, we have all heard it.  The Atlanta Falcons are apparently in a small window where they have the opportunity to win the Super Bowl.  That window, according to “professionals” was last year and this year.  They missed out last year and they have to win it this year or they won’t be relevant again for a long time.  I completely, 100% disagree.

I think that window is enormous.  As long as Thomas Dimitroff, Matt Ryan, and Mike Smith are there, the Falcons have a very good chance to make it to the Super Bowl and win it.

Matt Ryan is a young and very talented football player.  If he plays at the level he did last season, barring a few interceptions, he has the ability to be one of the next great and elite quarterbacks.  Mike Smith turns this team into a top notch organization with great coaching and leadership. He takes care of his players and makes them want to win. He is the reason why Atlanta is a destination team. Thomas Dimitroff is a top tier decision maker when it comes to contracts and money.  He knows who needs to go and who needs to show up.  He has an eye for talent and can grow the team both through the draft and through free agency.

Matt Ryan will probably be with the Falcons for another ten years or so.  As long as he is, He’ll be breaking passing records and throwing all over the field for big plays.  For the next ten years, you can never count the Falcons out when there are only minutes left in the fourth quarter.

The Destination team also means a lot here.  All over the league, there are tons of great players on poor teams that want to go out with a title win.  This year we have Steven Jackson and Tony Gonzalez.  Gonzalez has been a terrific help with Matt Ryan in the Red-Zone, but the Falcon aren’t going to randomly be bad within the 20-yard line when Gonzalez retires.  Chase Coffman or Toilolo may step up to be the next threat. If not, Matt Ryan will either get those touchdowns from someone else or the Comrade will get him another weapon. For the next ten years, Offensive and defensive weapons will show up on Atlanta’s door mat looking for a title.  It’s unpredictable in what position they will bring massive help in, but it will always be there.  Every year, there’ll be another player looking for the title.

As for building through the drat, every year there will be a new break out player that brings more talent to a stout roster.  As long as T.D. builds through the draft and brings in talented veterans looking for a chance, Mike Smith will turn them into winnders, Matt Ryan will Utilize them, and the Atlata Falcons will always seem to have a perfect mix of young, promising talent, and veteran leadership.

The key of the offense, the leader in the locker room, and the mastermind string puller, will keep this team in serious contention for a long time. I don’t believe in the window.  If there is a window, it won’t be shut for a long time.